New Topchic

New Topchic

Topchic by Goldwell has been revolutionised and now offers even more professional performance benefits than ever! Dedicated to fulfilling every colourist’s greatest passion and motivation, Topchic is the brand for true colour experts.

  • PERFECT PERFORMANCE for distinctive results.
  • The improved performance and advanced technology means Topchic now offers the best grey coverage ever, with ultimate durability, excellent evenness and optimum gentleness, plus break-through CoolProtect Technology for cool shade durability. With a wide spectrum of 130 shades, this allows for endless creative possibilities and caters for every creative colourists and client need.

  • In 1978 Goldwell founded the professional Depot Can System, a system that Goldwell colourists still love to work with. The benefits: easy handling, neat storage, precise measuring and more economical working. While Goldwell also work with tubes, the patented Depot Can System is unique to the brand.

    The improved consistency of the Cream Developer Lotion results in ideal spreadability and perfect adherence of colour to the hair. Thanks to a new bottle shape, it is easier to handle, with optimal squeezing and compatible to the Depot Can System.

    A brand new innovation to the Topchic brand is the application tool, P_CAT (Professional Colour Application Tool). Developed over several years by German and Japanese engineers, it is the perfect tool for faster and more convenient application. The P_CAT is easy to use thanks to its ergonomic shape and ideal for the all-important regrowth application service.

  • NEW TOPCHIC TECHNOLOGY – performance proven by over 60 patents.
  • The new Topchic has been revolutionised with specialised technologies, tailor-made for individual needs. The Integrated Protect System (IPS) is the core technology within Topchic. It consists of the new Equalizer System 2.0 and the new Coenzyme Molecule.

    This combines the patented Equalizer Polymer with the new cuticle smoothing agents to equalise structural differences for excellent colour evenness from root to tip. The patented Coenzyme Technology intelligently prevents hair from damage by neutralising free radicals, for extraordinary brilliant colour tonality, gentleness and durability. Next, Goldwell’s patented IntraLipid technology has now been integrated into the new Topchic Lotion, for ideal combability and smoothness. While the new Dye Penetration System is included in all grey coverage shades for reliable 100% grey coverage.Lastly, new CoolProtect Technology features in all cool brown and blonde shades for ultimate colour stability preventing off-tone fading into a warm direction. The HighLift Control System offers a perfect pigment concentration and powerful lift for achieving the precise result that high-lift blonde client’s desire.

  • The Naturals – perfect for a fresh and vibrant look. With 100% grey coverage with a comprehensive colour choice; clients experience a natural look with multi-depth reflections.
  • The Blondes – pure luxury and always on-trend. Topchic Blondes reflect the complete variety of this iconic shade. From luxury warm to clear cool blondes for every client need.
  • The Browns – urban couture browns inspired by fashion. From rich and warm to matt and elegantly cool, Topchic Browns are perfect for every style.
  • The Reds – from deep, pure red to violet reflections, red is a strong statement. Topchic Reds fulfil every client’s wish for head-turning vibrancy.
  • The Special Lift – makes it easy to reinvent oneself. From brown to bright, soft reflections to full blonde, with Special Lift stylists can personalise every look.
  • The Mix Shades – intensifying and neutralising mix shades to ensure every colour desire is met.
  • New TOPCHIC by GOLDWELL – Powerful, Precise, Professional, Iconic.

    For more information, go to visit the official Goldwell page here or go straight to Topchic on the Salon Supplies site here.