NEW Wahl Academy Collection

NEW Wahl Academy Collection
‘’With great Hair comes great responsibility’’
  • The Range

  • 7 Gumma – very strong, good for extreme style and maximum hold

    9 Gelé – Strong gel, great for wet looks, pompadour styles, quiffs, also great for curly hair.

    16 Puttee – Style and hold, ultimate set finish without give, works like a hairspray for men.

    17 Fibre – Use this for texture and body, its great on fine hair making it look thicker and giving texture to thick hair.

    19 Klay – Adds texture and shine and is great to use on all hair types.

  • The Numbers Story

  • The numbers were given to the products before they had names so that during the development stage Simon knew which one was which. The numbers were chosen by Simon and represent football numbers that were easy for Simon to remember.

    7 – Iconic football number (Beckham, Keegan and Robson ect.)

    9 – Alex’s (Simon’s son) squad number when he signed at Leeds United

    16 – Roy Keane’s number and also Simon’s birthday (16th January)

    17 – Alex’s squad number at MUFC

    19 – Paul Gascoigne’s number in the 1990 World Cup Final

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