NVNT: Salon Hair Care With Moleculhair Technology - Exclusive Distributors Salon Supplies

NVNT: Salon Hair Care With Moleculhair Technology - Exclusive Distributors Salon Supplies


Professional Care & Styling With Moleculhair Technology

Salon Supplies has the pleasure of being the sole distributor in England and Wales for NVNT Haircare, a brand that has been developed with a unique formulation that bridges the gap between art and science. This range is...




96% naturally derived



Volume Shampoo

A weightless formula that cleanses whilst boosting volume. Hydrolyzed wheat protein and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein help to add body and improve volume retention, thanks to their high affinity to the hair. Niacinamide adds shine and builds hair strength.

Volume Conditioner

Volume Conditioner is ideal for hair that needs a boost of volume whilst controlling flyways. This weightless formula is enriched with hydrolyzed wheat protein to strengthen and condition with cuticle smoothers and anti-static ingredients; great for fine, limp, and flyaway hair.

Repair Shampoo

Repair Shampoo contains amino acids and plant proteins which help to protect against structural damage as well as enhancing gloss, adding smoothness, moisture, and strength. Niacinamide to restructure the damage; Fruit acids soften and smooth the cuticle and improve shine to the hair.

Repair Conditioner

Repair Conditioner contains natural Keratin to help protect against structural damage whilst enhancing gloss, adding smoothness and moisture. It has detangling and conditioning benefits which will leave hair feeling silky smooth. Naturally derived ingredients that help improve damaged hair.

Colour Protect Shampoo

Colour Protect Shampoo will maintain your hair colour and add longevity to the intensity of the colour. The formula has been developed with colour prolonging ingredients to help reduce colour face and protect against UV damage, help aid shine and lustre, while gently cleansing the hair.

Colour Protect Conditioner

Colour Protect Conditioner is a concentrated treatment for all hair types and coloured hair. This luxurious conditioner provides intense conditioning, reduced breakage and helps protect against colour fade. This PH-balancing conditioner is formulated to aid shine, lustre, condition and strength.

Moisture Shampoo

Moisture Shampoo contains Panthenol, which helps to revitalize hair structure and improve shine. Enriched with Sodium Hyaluronate, well-known to be a moisturizer and anti-aging ingredient. Oat extract moisturises and conditions the hair, thanks to its rich structural composition.

Moisture Conditioner

Contains Oat Extract and Vegetable Proteins, which help to repair hair structure and improve shine. Key ingredients are fast absorbing, and its non-greasy formula nourishes the hair without weighing down. Macadamia, Sweet Almond, and Sunflower oils improve shine, gloss, and bounce back.

No Yellow Toning Shampoo

Developed for chemically treated hair, the No Yellow Toning Shampoo has a unique formula to give vibrant brighter tones to blonde hair. Neutralising any unwanted yellow and orange tones. Containing Vegetable Protein and Amino Acids, known to provide restructuring and protection.

SOS Hair Saver Mask

A versatile cream to be used as an extreme recovery and revitalising treatment or during technical services (colouring, bleaching, etc.), with three remarkable effects on the hair and scalp; it protects, nourishes and reduces the smell of ammonia during technical services.



Anti-Humidity Spray

The most versatile humidity shield to control hair under tough conditions. Lightweight yet powerful to straighten stubborn hair as well as being able to control static and frizzy textures, due to the Jojoba Oil and Panthenol. Use on wet hair and blow dry as normal. 

Smoothing Serum

A silicon free versatile sealant to control fly-aways and frizz. Use it for smooth blowouts or just simply apply to dry hair for a glossy finish and natural separation. Strengthens, smoothes and repairs all hair types, can also be used on wet and dry hair. Seals the cuticles and adds shine.

Style Primer Spray

The ultimate product to start off all cutting and styling work. Due to it's rich, complex and well-balance ingredients the style priming spray will give you a head-start to prepare all textures and lengths to give the perfect foundation. Suitable for all hair types, especially Afro Caribbean hair.

Liquid Texture Cream

All day reliable support for limp and flat hair types. Gives root lift, grip and a subtle texture to the body of the hair that lacks density and movement. Ideal for all hair types, especially fine and limp hair. Helps control frizz and adds shine. Works well with the Volume Mousse for added support.

Curl Defining Cream

Our unrivalled styling cream for curl and movement. Balancing moisture and hold giving the perfect definition to a curl and a touchable feel to the hair. This understated gem has many hidden features to be used as your go-to styling cream for any texture of hair.

Volume Mousse

Innovation meets old school delivery with this all-purpose volumiser. Flexible hold ensures that this mousse can help you create the bounciest blow dry as well as definition for the most stubborn curls. Apply to wet hair and blow-dry as desired; ideal for all types of hair texture.


Finishing Hairspray

A versatile hairspray to lock that perfect finish or to control hair while building the most intricate hair-ups.

  • Strong hold finishing hairspray
  • Super fine mist and instant drying
  • Brushable to restyle the hair and can be layered for a more intense result
  • For any length and shape
  • For fine, medium to coarse hair including afro textures

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The Professional Facebook Group 'Hair Uncut' will be trying out the NVNT range and giving their reviews on this highly anticipated range. 

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