Perfect Professional Products for Gym Goers

Perfect Professional Products for Gym Goers
As professional hairdressers, beauticians and barbers you have access to some of the most useful products - making your life as a gym-goer, that much easier. January is the perfect time for a lifestyle change so whether you're a dedicated fitness freak or trying something new for your health and happiness, here are our top tips for what to pack in your gym bag to make regular workouts as simple, easy and as enjoyable as possible.
1. Cleansing Conditioners
These could not be a more perfect replacement to your regular shampoo and conditioner for the following reasons: - This one product combines the ability of shampoos and conditioners meaning you have less to carry around with you. - Because it does not strip your hair when it cleanses like a regular shampoo, you can use it even if you are showering more than once a day! Your hair will feel clean but won't dry out.
2. Dry Shampoo
If you find you don't have time to wash your hair after a workout, then Dry Shampoo can really save the day. These Dry Shampoos by professional brands like Wella, Affinage and Indola are first-rate and won't leave that tell-tale chalky residue behind. There's also a nice variety available - some give you volume and hold while others are more nourishing. There are even travel-sized options to make it easier to carry it around with you.
3. Easy Brushing
After a good workout, chances are your hair is going to be in a bit of a mess so make it easier for yourself and your hair - invest in a tangle teasing brush. Either go all out on a Hair Tools Head Jog Mane Tamer or opt for something smaller like the Denman D90 Tangle Tamer.
4. Disposable Towels
And finally, this one is a truly awesome and overlooked item. If you have access to disposable towels in your salon, get a few extra packs and take a couple whenever you visit the gym. They are small, lightweight and because you can throw them away after using them, will really make your gym bag that much lighter when running from work to the gym.
Well, these are our top tips. If you know of any other useful products for fellow hairdressers/beauticians/barbers in the trade then let us know in the comments on our Facebook or Twitter post!