Product Profile: Wella Eimi Dry Me

Product Profile: Wella Eimi Dry Me
You may have tried out some of the fantastic Eimi range from Wella so we thought we'd take a closer look at one you may have overlooked. This isn't just any Dry Shampoo, this is a styling product that can be used to absorb unwanted oil, add volume, texture and hold whilst creating a flattering and on-trend matte finish. It's not heavy or chalky and will only enhance your hair and hair styles. Available on our website here

DRY ME Dry Shampoo

Create volume and manageable matte texture to acheive your look. Refresh your hair with this formula containing tapioca starch.


Shake me, spray me, style me. Apply Dry Shampoo evenly on dry hair. Leave in for a few minutes and brush through.


Spray all over your hair to get the perfect texture as a base for up-do's. Then blow dry and use your hands to work the desired look.


A spray that creates texture, adds volume with a matte effect and offers long-lasting style.

Dry Me is specially formulated with tapioca starch and leaves less residue on the hair to enhance a 'second day' look without weighing hair down.