Salon Ambience Feature

Salon Ambience Feature
I've always loved the name 'Salon Ambience.' It represents everything that this company, founded in Reggio Emilia in 1989, has to offer.

Highly established and loved by the hairdressing and beauty sector, exporting products of the highest quality all around the world.

Just take a look at some of these snapshots from their latest brochure. The ambience is incredible as they picture the kind of salons and barbers that you dream of owning or visiting.

See the whole brochure for yourself here

Not only does Salon Ambience inspire luxury, quality, taste and atmosphere but they are also completely affordable. Take a look at their Offers in their separate Offer Brochure below or on our website to see the kind of discounts you will find.

To take a closer look at some of the furniture favourites, Salon Ambience have made theses short but brilliant videos. You can explore the chairs up close from every angle and get a better sense of their shape, size, texture and character.

Gravity Wash Units

  • List price from £3159.00 ex vat

  • Offer price £1674.00 ex VAT

  • Specifically designed to alleviate potential back pain, the sophisticated support system of the Gravity allows the hairdresser to easily regulate the height of the shampoo unit, with the entire structure raising or lowering as required to offer the perfect working height! In addition to this amazing evolution of the shampoo area, the form of the Gravity is of course at the height of modern style, with the attractive, flowing form of the upholstered armrests complementing the soft, padded seat and backrest.

  • The Gravity shampoo unit also comes complete with an electric leg rest that, when raised, also slides the seat and backrest forward to offer the best possible position for the client. The Gravity is also available without raising mechanism, and both versions are available in a choice of Sky Colours, either one or two-tone, at no extra cost.

Luxury Wash Unit

  • List price from £2129.00 ex vat

  • Offer price £1277.40 ex VAT

  • Luxury is the new Salon Ambience shampoo unit with a soft, welcoming form. Extraordinarily comfortable and fully upholstered, with the possibility of customising the two-tone variation from a choice of Sky Colours. Luxury is available with sliding seat and backrest, and electric leg rest as standard, and can also come with a next-generation 'New-Shiatsu' massage system.

  • The NEW SHIATSU® massage of the new LUXURY Salon Ambience wash unit is specifically designed to relax the muscles and ease tension in the lumbar, sacrum and dorsal areas, leaving a feeling of lightness, tone and relaxation in the client. The massage works on four different pressure points and has a wider working surface than current shiatsu systems.

Sublime Wash Unit

  • List price from £3159.00 ex vat

  • Offer price £1674.00 ex VAT

  • The next generation of backwash is here! The Sublime shampoo unit offers the amazing comfort and functionality you should expect from Salon Ambience, while pushing the boundaries of style and innovation.

  • Improving upon a winning formula, the seat and backrest not only slide forward to create the most comfortable position possible for the client, but also raise up to offer the most relaxing setting possible - simply Sublime!

  • The Sublime is available with or without shiatsu massage, and also with or without electric leg rest and reclining mechanism, and is available in a choice of Sky Colours, either one or two-tone, at no extra cost.

Icon Styling Chair

  • List price from £2129.00 ex vat

  • Offer price £1277.40 ex VAT

  • The Icon takes a best-selling style in an amazing new direction!

  • The squared,minimalist form of this styling chair has been smoothed and rounded to create a softer,more accommodating look for the work area,while still retaining an elegant, professional appearance.

  • The Icon is available in a choice of Sky Colours, either one or two-tone, at no extra cost.

  • Choice of 5 star, square, oval or sq'oval base with Lockable hydraulic pump.

Check out the Salon Ambience Video Gallery for more!

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remember SALON AMBIENCE furniture is completely bespoke to you and your salon..