Salon Supplies RAW Spa Weekend Event

Salon Supplies RAW Spa Weekend Event
Last weekend was the weekend of our long-awaited RAW Spa Event at the Norton Park Hotel in Winchester. Anyone with a passion for Matrix's hair-fashion, Biolage products or a desire to care more for the environment as a salon was welcome to attend and find out more about the new RAW range from Matrix as well as witness first-hand the incredible cutting, colour and styling skills of Global Hair Artist - Ashleigh Hodges.


The first day was all about relaxation and self-indulgence. Something that most people, especially hairdressers, just do not get enough of. Each guest was presented with a set of Biolage RAW Shampoo and Conditioner on arrival before having the entire hotel and its facilities at their disposal. Some chose to treat themselves to a spa treatment; a facial, Swedish massage or even a mani-pedi. While others relaxed by the pool, in their comfortable rooms or around the hotel's gorgeous green grounds. Whilst our guests were enjoying and recovering from a busy week in their salons, the Salon Supplies' team were starting to set up the RAW displays ready for tomorrow's events. At 6pm everyone met for pre-dinner drinks (Pimms of course) before making their way to the classically decorated Manor House dining room where The Norton House Hotel team presented the guests with a lovely dinner comprised of a bruschetta starter, roast chicken or pan-fried fish main and lemon posset topped with seasonal persimmon for dessert. Over dinner, the attendees from all corners of the country were able to get to know each other a little better. Hairdressers, colourists, junior stylists and others spoke at length about their business, made new contacts and learned why this unique event in particular had sparked the interest of so many different people. The conversation (as well as the wine) flowed into late evening when everyone retired to the hotel bar and then bed.

DAY 2 Today was the main event and after a luxurious buffet-breakfast, the guests gathered in the Norton Park Hotel's Hampshire Barn. It was a perfect setting for the Matrix Team introducing their Biolage RAW range with natural wood from floor to ceiling and magical fairylights winding their way around the wooden beams. The guests were encouraged to help themselves to tea, coffee and a variety of snacks from traditional cake and cookies to RAW-inspired kiwi juice, grapefruit juice, goji berries and sunflower seeds before taking a seat and waiting for the presentation to begin. Finally, we got to learn about all the fantastic benefits of the Biolage RAW range from the Matrix Team themselves. Made up of the Uplift, Recover and Nourish families these shampoo, conditioners and masks are up to 97% natural, vegan (with the exception of the Nourish and Recover shampoos and masks because of the honey), use environmentally friendly formulas and packaging and more. Read our Blog on the 10 reasons why you should #LIVERAW here. The attendees learned that RAW was designed to be a revolutionary range of the future and essentially gives your salon a choice to run a cleaner business without compromising on the quality of the product and the satisfaction of your clients. And not only this, but the team at Matrix has given you the tools you need to shout about this fantastic new product to your customers so that they too can know of its existence and make that choice to #LIVERAW with naturally cared for hair. Everyone was able to physically touch, smell and even try the products which were displayed around the room alongside natural props such as real grapefruit and kiwis. For the finale of the weekend event, we had organised a real treat for our guests. World-renowned, Global Artist, Ashleigh Hodges had prepared 4 stunning looks using Matrix products and carried them out in-person, right in front of the gathering of guests. As mentioned by herself on the day, Ashleigh was the ideal special guest having been inspired herself by a Matrix event as she was starting out in her career and she hoped to spark the creativity of others in the same way. The four looks she had prepared for us were all current and on-trend; the colouring of some blunt bangs using Color Sync Watercolours with make-up brushes, the cutting and texturising of a disconnected bob, some festival-RAW-inspired rope braids and an edgy ponytail on long smokey lilac hair.

Model Number 1: Disconnected Bob & Cutting Techniques

On a stunning watercolour blue base, Ashleigh demonstrated some awesome thinning techniques before finishing the look with some Style Link Shape Switcher which she expertly worked through the hair giving it movement and texture. She mentioned that this was her go-to styling product as it was perfect for professional shows when hair has to remain somewhat flexible and re-workable over the course of a project.

Model Number 2: RAW Rope Braids

The second model featured stunning, natural strawberry-toned red hair which had been gently curled by Ashleigh before the show. Starting from the crown, Ashleigh then twisted the left and right sections into a rope braid and added in sections of the hair as it made its way around. Think the dynamics of a fishtail braid but twisting around the side of the head. The look was finished with some soft teasing for a more undone look and Style Link Fixer Finishing Hairspray.

Model Number 3: Edgy Updo

Another updo but with an edgier theme, Ashleigh had prepared her model with a gorgeous smokey lilac base which faded to a pinkier shade at the ends which were loosely waved. Starting at the top of the head, at the crown, Ashleigh sectioned of small parts of the hair working vertically from the crown towards the nape of the neck joining them together while creating a bubbled bun effect - which you've probably seen in recent films and on the red carpet.

Model Number 4: Painting in Watercolours

For this look Ashleigh had taken on the role of a true artist and painter, applying Color Sync Watercolors to her canvas using her favourite colouring tools, tailored make-up brushes - her Top Tip of the day. She told the audience that if they felt tint brushes were too limiting when delivering a bespoke colour service that they should think outside the box and look to all the options that a make-up artist has. The application process is not really all that different and you can achieve various finishes, especially when it comes to fine detail on shorter hair and bangs. After the colour had finished processing we were treated to strands of pastel silver-pink and peach on a very pale base. Truly beautiful.

Throughout Ashleigh's presentation the crowd were encouraged to take photos, videos and post on social media tagging the Matrix team, including Ashleigh and using the hashtags #LIVERAW #iamMe #MatrixHair and #MatrixColour. We at Salon Supplies carried out a couple of LIVE VIDEOS on both Instagram and Facebook to let followers know what was going on at this special event.

Beautiful RAW Rope Braids by Ashleigh Hodges at our RAW Event @matrix @ashleigh2025 #BIOLAGERAW #LiveRaw #hairgoals

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By the end of the day, everyone was ready to return to their salons and put into practice what they had learned from the day. Whether that be to make changes to the way they run their business or the products they use or to try some of the techniques that Ashleigh had demonstrated. We hope that everyone that attended enjoyed themselves as much as we did and we hope to see you again at the next Matrix Event!

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