Silverising Hair Care for Darker Shades: Matrix Total Results Brass Off

Silverising Hair Care for Darker Shades: Matrix Total Results Brass Off
Introducing a NEW ADDITION to the Matrix TOTAL RESULTS range. The first ever hair care system formulated especially for beautiful cool darker shades like espresso, charcoal, dark chocolate, beige, sand, raven, black cherry, plum, sable, smoke, salt & pepper, midnight and more. Total Results: Brass Off. 

As a professional hair colourist, one of the first concepts you learn is how seeing colours work. Most people in the world only recognise hair colour as black, brown, blonde, grey and sometimes auburn - but actually, there are endless variations of these hair colour families. They can be warm with red, orange or yellow tones or cool with blue and purple tones as well as neutral with green tones. Look at these two pictures and notice the difference that the tones in the different lighting creates to the room.

This is where knowledge of the Colour Wheel is key. It's no secret that cool tones (also known as ASH) have become extremely popular in recent years and unfortunately, perhaps due to the fact that it is quite rare to own naturally ash toned hair, it can be the most difficult to achieve and certainly MAINTAIN. Colour correction is as much a part of colouring hair as imparting the wanted colour onto the hair in the first place. If you are looking for Cool Ash hair, you will need to neutralise the warm yellow and orange tones present in the hair with blue and purple. This can be done in salon using semi permanent hair colour

or a concentrated toning solution that imparts pigments of colour into the hair shaft.
Essentially, men and women have to rely on the skills and tools of their colourist to give them the icy hair they dream of as well as endure the warm tones inevitably returning in-between appointments - leaving them with a strange, and unpolished colour job for often the majority of the time through no fault of anyone. But since the development of Silverising Hair Care - unwanted yellow and orange tones can now be managed, delayed and the hair cared for. Ranges such as Matrix Total Results So Silver and NEW BRASS OFF can be purchased by the client in-salon and used at home easily. Some of you will be aware that the Total Results So Silver Shampoo has been around for for a while and will want to know what the difference is between this and the NEW Brass Off range. Essentially, the lightness level your hair is at determines which one it is you need. Previously, it was assumed that only those with classic, platinum blonde hair would need and benefit from these violet-pigmented formulas, but noticing a gap in the market, Matrix realised that darker shades like brunette, bronde, dark blonde and everything in-between should also be able to take on these ashen hues. 

Total Results: So Silver

Total Results: Brass Off

Take a look at this amazing Instagram video of this salon using the Brass Off range and the before and after on the client's hair.
As with any colouring product, silverising shampoo needs to be harsher than your average shampoo to do its job. This means you should only use it as often you need to. Perhaps every other wash, or even once a week. You should use So Silver or Brass Off alongside another family such as Color Obsessed if your hair is coloured. Or whatever else it may need alongside keeping its cool tonage.

Total Results: Color Obsessed