Summer 2016 Fashion Colour Trends

Summer 2016 Fashion Colour Trends
What's trending in the world of Hair Fashion Colour is constantly changing and completely represents those that want to be bold and unique. New ideas and looks are being invented every day by professionals in the industry or those that just have passion and are brave enough to use their own head of hair as a test subject.

That being said, once these looks and methods start finding their way into professional salons and the mainstream population, you don't need to take any risks on your clients and now more than ever professional brands such as Wella, Matrix and Schwarzkopf are formulating the tools that you need and teaching you how to use them. All you need to do is pay attention. Thanks to online platforms like Social Media those pioneers of the industry can share their ideas and experiences on a global scale. Here's what's hot right now..

1. Wella Colour Touch Instamatic

Muted Matte Smoke

First came the Instamatic colours from Wella that were released in 2015 and were instantly successful. Taking inspiration from Social Media photography and camera filters, the colours were more diffused and less saturated than what we were used to previously in bright pastels and rainbow shades. The range also came with a clear option to dilute the colours even further for a range of intensity.

Wella are constantly sharing educational material with their customers on Social Media on how to use their colour ranges - including Colour Touch Instamatic. In this blog here they describe how the Instamatic shades can be used for a more personalised results when mixed with other Colour Touch colours as well as during colour correction.

Since its release we've seen the Mauve and Pink shades prove the most popular on Instagram and those that use it are achieving a very sophisticated look commenting that it washes out beautifully and leaves their hair in better condition than the bright semi-permanents that came before from non-professional brands. Finally, brightly coloured hair is for anyone.

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2. Matrix Colour Sync

Washed-Out Watercolour

Released May of this year, was the Color Sync Watercolor range from Matrix. The perfect name of these colours intended to achieve low-commitment colour that could be used on light or dark base hair. Colourists can 'paint' a completely bespoke look for their clients or 'canvas' every time with the popular Rose Gold look becoming a common request at the time of release making use of the peach and pink tones available.

The great thing about the Watercolour range is that it can be used with other colours in the Color Sync range (including other Watercolors) for an even more bespoke look and even the Clear option so colourists have complete control over the saturation and level of colour they want the hair to show. Hair is also left in fantastic condition and diffuses beautifully as it washes out.

Matrix have shared so much of their own creative team using this range that it's impossible not to be inspired and let your creative side go. They urge that everyone shares their results with the hashtag #watercolorhair so go ahead and see what everyone else has come up with.

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2. Schwarzkopf Igora Colorworx

Fantasy Hair

Finally we have the most recent release this year with Igora Colorworx from Schwarzkopf. Raved about by celebrity hairstylist Guy Tang these are the newest in rainbow bright colours and can be diluted as well as mixed with any other of the Igora range for different looks.

Guy Tang is most famous for mixing them with the Pearlescent shades mimicking precious metals and stones but due to the intensity of the raw form of the colours we are also seeing a comeback in brighter, fantastical hair being labelled as mermaid, unicorn or even pegasus hair which take inspiration from fairytale paintings and manipulated digital art. But still with a more natural and 'dirty' tone in contrast to the perfect baby pastels and brights of previous years.

With no developer needed and suitable for colour correction as well as shade enhancement Igora Colorworx is proving a valuable and essential tool in hair salons across the world right now.

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Whichever look you are trying to achieve or whether you are looking for the most suitable colour range to help you bring to life a creation of your own it's safe to say that Fashion Colour is not going anywhere and is likely to develop and inspire even more as Professional Brands such as Wella, Matrix and Schwarzkopf release their own advanced and technical manuals.

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