Summer Colour by Affinage: Candy Brights vs Vintage Pastels

Summer Colour by Affinage: Candy Brights vs Vintage Pastels
This summer has been all about head-turning, colourful hair - BUT there have been two very distinct and contrasting themes. Brights vs Pastels - luckily, Affinage show us how to do both with their Summer 2016 and their new 2017 collections. The Candy Pop collection, though released last year has found itself more relevant than ever and in large part due to this award-winning look and photo from Global Creative Force - Tracey Devine Smith.
Candy Brights have continued to grow in popularity and have produced a range of spin-off colour trends including the latest 'Starburst' (Opal Fruits anyone?) Hair. These looks utilise bright variations of fashion colour without going too far and being too vivid or primary in finish. Let's compare these looks to the more recent development and inspiration behind Affinage's latest collection - Vintage Pretty which favours a more vintage finish using more pastelly tones. The great thing about this collection is how versatile it is. Not only is it perfect for the average festival-goer but it's also for anyone that is looking to add some feminine and easy-to-care-for fashion edge to their hairstyle. Let's compare the cuts and colours that the artists at Affinage have created..

1. The Jaw-Length Bob

This is the image that received so much attention last year and it's easy to see why. It accumulates so many modern colour techniques whilst breaking all the rules at the same time - we've got shadow roots which blend into a cool lavender grey but then a pop of dip-dyed colour at the end in canary yellow. Yellow is not a typical colour seen in hair but here it really works. The cut is kept simple and one length so that all attention is on Tracey's work.
In contrast we see only one colour in this version but a never-ending spectrum of lowlights and highlights lending the style true depth. Ice blue is really popular at the moment and it really suits this retro, layered bob which curls under at the jaw-line and plays with the lights and shadows around the model.

2. The Pixie-Mullet

The pixie-mullet is the quintessential canvas for professional hair artists. It's just the right amount of edgy, modern and feminine while lending itself well to a colour palette. In this example we see fresh light and dark greens (the pantone colour of the moment) flecked throughout the razored bangs and sections at the back. A bold look for those that really want to be noticed.
This version proves that this cut can also be ultra girly and soft. There is more texture and layers throughout and the hint of pastel purple and mango orange on the baby platinum base is utterly ethereal.

3. Pink Curls

Pink is arguably the most important colour when it comes to creating a colour series. There are so many options with so many connotations which vary wildly from one to the next. In this example we see gorgeous hot candy pink in the roots of the hair which fade into candy-floss pink cloud-curls at the end. Along with the haphazard braids, it recreates multiple images of our childhood in one hairstyle.
Though this style also sees pink curly hair - it couldn't be more different to the one above. The dusky pink silver-rose is sultry, mature and romantic while the curls are more natural and loosely imperfect. This would be the dream hair of a lot of your clients and I'm sure we will be seeing it all over Instagram very soon.

4. The Disconnected Bob

Using a blue you could call Raspberry Slush, this disconnected bob uses clever contouring around the eyes to flatter and make that section of the face really stand out. There's a bit of lift and texture at the crown but otherwise it's a very smooth and precise finish - giving an almost futuristic theme.
Again, this vintage-inspired variation is more 'flawed.' The lines aren't as clean and the colour is smokey and smudged but it totally works. The result is a broken-doll effect, fragile and sweet with the pink and purple hues adding that extra hint of fantasy.

5. Precious Metallic Updos

This colour beams like a bronzed sunset and would be ideal for your natural red-headed clients. A real retro-inspired updo with perfectly rolled curls pinned atop the head, almost like a 60s quiff. It's still a very polished yet fun finish with smoothed roots and illuminating shine.
In contrast to the bright bronze above, this is possibly the most popular colour of 2016 and 2017 - Rose Gold. It pioneered the rest of the Vintage Colour movement and was the epicentre of fashion hair colour. Here we see it used on a classic side-bun loosely curled around the neck and face - just perfect for long haired beauties.

6. Peekaboo Colour

And lastly we come to possibly the most low-key of the Candy Pop collection but it still makes a big statement. We've got a more natural, ash base with the faint shimmer of metallic purple on one side. Noticeable asymmetry is another fashion-inspired element and here we see it in the colour as well as the cut.
In comparison we have a more matte finish effect on this stunning crimped veil. You can almost see a rainbow on the underside of the hair as well as in the front sections closest to the face. But a faded rainbow that disappears and makes you wonder whether it was ever there at all.
Do you have a favourite collection? Or a favourite look from them both? We can't wait to see where fashion colour takes us next but we will certainly be looking to Affinage to keep us up to date and guide the way. Follow them on Instagram for all the latest inspiration from the professional colour industry and most talented colourists.

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