TOP 10 Reasons WHY you should #LIVERAW #LOVERAW

TOP 10 Reasons WHY you should #LIVERAW #LOVERAW
You may have been aware that Matrix launched their new Biolage RAW range earlier this month. We took a close look at the products in our previous blog post here but now we are going further into the history and ethos of Biolage RAW. Here are our TOP 10 Reasons why you should invest in the RAW range for your salon..

1. From a Retail Perspective, it looks amazing

Due to a strong brand image, the campaign was an instant success in salons and on social media. You can see some of the gorgeously decorated stands and displays on Instagram. This is perfect for generating interest in a product that people can fall in love with.

As well as our own store displays..

But of course, it's not only what's on the outside, but what is inside that counts. So other than the fact it looks great in your salon, what are the other reasons behind Living Raw?

2. You don't have to choose between head-turning hair and a more environmentally-friendly product

We truly believe the experts at Matrix when they say, there is nothing else like RAW currently on the market. It's a modern-day revolution created by leading industry professionals who guarantee professional results with a product that contains a very high percentage of natural origin formulas (70% to 100%). Biolage RAW. is a range of feel-good, look-good, do-good, hair care products which provide a unique sensorial experience. Just choose the range to suit each client. Boost weightless volume, deeply nourish tired hair or intensely repair and add shine - as a treatment at the backbar or partnering shampoo and conditioner at home..

3. It's part of the Matrix Biolage family

Already recognized as a Leader in Research and Development, this is the latest development from the Biolage team. Produced in a facility that is deeply committed to sustainability and ethical practice, Biolage was launched in 1990 when founder Arnie Miller saw that nature could be harnessed to protect and nourish our hair while leaving it in its most natural state. Biolage was and is a haircare line that was inspired by nature and also delivered - providing beautiful results while being gentle on hair and the RAW range takes this to the next level.

4. Highly Biodegradable and Simple Formulas

RAW products are made up of up to 97% natural origin formulas and stands by its promise of selecting as many natural origin ingredients as possible to make up the formula. When no natural alternatives exist, Biolage still ensure that every single ingredient that is used has a low impact on the environment. They believe in giving you the best. Both for your hair and the planet. The product itself is 99% biodegradable and contains no parabens, no silicones, no sulfates and no artificial colourants

5. Uses Post Consumer Recycled Plastic

"A bottle made from other bottles." Where possible, RAW use 100% post consumer recycled materials.

6. A Sensorial Experience

We've established the brand and products look great - but they also deliver across all senses. Comforting and natural smells - imagine a peppiness of eucalyptus and ginger, the warm spice of nutmeg and apple combined with amber, patchouli, vetiver and musk and how it will move you. Rich and soothing textures - clay, honey, sand which are rich to the touch. They boast natural, earthy colours that come straight from the environment we know and love.

7. Funds for local communities across the world who supply us our Exotic Ingredients

RAW uses quinoa husk from Bolivia. By including it in their formulas they are helping local Bolivian farmers and the environment. And it doesn't stop there. The yucca is grown in America by traditional farmers, the rich lava clay is sustainably sourced in Morocco, the white beeswax is collected from various regions in Africa and the fresh and spicy coriander is harvested in Bulgaria .

8. 100% Success Rate from consumers

Of consumers asked to try RAW and give feedback, 100% agreed their hair had regained their natural bounce and looked healthier after using the Uplift shampoo and conditioner alongside the RAW Re-bodify backbar mask. Try it for yourself and we know you'll #LOVERAW as you #LIVERAW

9. Online Community with the 7-Day #LiveRaw Challenge

As you can expect with Matrix, there is a huge online community comprised of other professional hairdressers, colourists and stylists as well as the Matrix Team themselves all sharing under the hashtag #LIVERAW. Search for this on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and you will find a selection of reviews, imagery, before and afters and more! The winner of the #LIVERAW challenge was revealed yesterday.

10. We are throwing a Spa Weekend Event to celebrate its release