Top 3 Recent Creative Apps for Hairdressers & Stylists

Top 3 Recent Creative Apps for Hairdressers & Stylists
With so many fantastic applications being developed by Professional Brands, I thought it would be a good idea to put a Blog together with my recent top 3. All very different apps which prove themselves useful as tools for Hairdressers and Stylists as well as your clients.

1. Matrix Colour Lounge

Matrix Professional Haircare & Color has just released its own hair color app. Search ‘Matrix Color Lounge’ on the App Store or Google Play. They’ll share the best looks so don’t forget to use #ColorLounge if you decide to share any of your creations.

The team at Salon Supplies gave it go..

First you color in the area that represents your hair in orange so that the app can then alter this area with the colours you choose.

Then choose the base color, highlight color and color effect you want to see. There's quite a few options and the great thing about this app is that it gives you the whole Matrix Colour Range to choose from and helps you recreate these looks in your Salon.

2. L'Oreal Professional: Style My Hair

This app is great because it gives you the opportunity to try out different hair cuts as well as colours. This is a perfect app to recommend to your clients as when you finish you are given the option to view details on the 'Look' you created, what kind of hair care products to use to maintain it and the name of the L'Oreal colour you chose. You can also see a 'Before and After' to compare.

At the beginning you have to choose what hair style you want to see on your face. (You can choose your own photo or a model). And then you can use your finger on the screen to 'mould' the hairstyle's placement and size rather than any resizing or dragging.

This app gave me a good idea of what I would look like with a fringe and curly hair!

3. Goldwell: Education Plus Learning Tool

This is a different kind of app compared to the previous two in that it's more of an education tool that works alongside Goldwell's Service Manual.

Essentially you will see 360 degrees worth of the Goldwell's 'Technique Heads' in 3D and learn how to achieve certain COLOR ZOOM looks - including cuts and techniques.

The camera and sensors in your smartphone or tablet will interact with the pages of the Goldwell Service Manual. All you have to do is point the camera at the pages, marked with the augmented app icon. Watch the short video below for a demonstration on how this app works.

With three great apps from well known Professional Hair Colour/Care brands already on the market, who knows what our phones and tablets will be able to do in the future. Give these apps a go and see if the latest convenient technology can work for you, your salon and your customers.