We Are Now the Sole Distributor of TIGI Copyright Colour in England and Wales

We Are Now the Sole Distributor of TIGI Copyright Colour in England and Wales

Following meetings and conversations over the last 8 weeks, Salon Supplies has been offered the sole distribution rights for Copyright Colour in England and Wales through Colour House International (Scotland and Ireland will have separate distribution partners). We believe that this is a unique (and rare opportunity) for a single distributor that offers significant benefits including the continuation of supply to our existing Copyright Colour users as well as new customers online, in-salon and in-store.


What is happening with TIGI Copyright Colour?

It is definitely not discontinued! Since an announcement last year, Unilever has sold the Copyright Colour brand to a team from Colour House International (CHI) led by Simon Ostler, formerly the MD of TIGI Haircare. We were approached late 2021 with the exciting opportunity to continue to offer Copyright Colour through CHI instead.

With 2022 set to see new product innovation for CHI, the team behind the original TIGI Education offering are once again behind a major education campaign led by Anthony Mascolo. A comprehensive educational portfolio featuring cutting, colour and business courses has already been finalised ready for roll-out to salons in 2022.


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TIGI Copyright Colour customers can place an order with their Salon Supplies Account Manager, over the phone with our Customer Service Team, buy in-store or online.


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