Wella's Spring/Summer 2016 Ecaille Collection

Wella's Spring/Summer 2016 Ecaille Collection
This week we are Introducing the ECAILLE collection by Wella Professionals, a full reveal of the hair trend dominating SS16. Full of rich metallics, suedes, soft nudes, and molten textures, ECAILLE SS16 reveals colour in all of its spectrum and vibrancy. Beautifully placed light and shade patterns invoke the multi-tonality of natural sunlight to create this season’s most sought-after look. Take a look at the SS16 LookBook for more..

What is Ecaille?

This season, we're introducing our interpretation of the hottest trend in colour - Ecaille.

A bespoke colour service creating a new multi-tonal, natual look with beautifully placed light and shade accents. Featuring a colour palette inspired by the luscious flow of precious molten metals. Supple molded shapes and textures support our luxurious new Ecaille looks.

Discover craftsmanship at the highest level that shows the utmost respect for the most valuable raw material itself.. hair.

Precious Molten Metals

In the hands of a master, the world's precious elements turn ever more refined and sublime: The Ecaille Collection colour palette tells the story of molten metals. Rich, living metallics mett the buff earthiness of nude suede. Burnished bronze transitions into rose, gold, white and black pearl, rich copped, soft steel, ebony and polished platinum - with a colour understanding that has been honed over years to fine-tune each result to the personality of its wearer.

Molded Texture

A language of molten and malleable textures, where different surface states interact like smooth and structured or deliberately groomed matter and highly polished patterns. Created with teh slow, respectful concentration of a jeweler bending precious metal to his will. Civilising, artisanal craftsmanship creates heightened shapes, transforming from buff to shine, and designed to reveal colour in all its spectrum and vibrancy.

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