Zalon Pro London Colour Remover - Why every Salon needs this..

Zalon Pro London Colour Remover - Why every Salon needs this..
If you've ever encountered a client that already had hair dye on their hair but wanted a colour change, what did you do? Turned them away? Bleached their hair? Coloured over the top? None of these options seem to be the right answer. You risk losing business or damaging the client's hair even before the colouring process has even begun. You could use a Bond Builder but then you're just controlling or reversing the damage rather than preventing it in the first place which should always be your first priority. This is such a common problem in salons and for hair colourists that it's surprising Colour Remover hasn't always been a coveted essential by the professionals but Zalon Pro London plan to change this with their revolutionary Colour Remover.

What is Zalon and why should you use it?

Zalon is a Bleach-Free and Amonia-Free Colour Remover. Whilst doing absolutely no harm to the hair, it also contains Argan oil to ADD shine and moisture as it removes colour. This means that you no longer need to bleach your client's hair to remove colour and it allows you to start with a blank canvas and deliver the best colour service possible.

How does it work?

Zalon shrinks the synthetic colour molecules that are trapped in the hair (giving it the overall coloured appearance), allowing them to safely escape from the hair cuticle and revealing the lightest previous natural shade of pigment. Absolutely ideal for those who have coloured their hair a darker shade than their natural colour previously or for those that have lightened hair and like to experiment with different bright shades frequently. Zalon will remove hair colour even if it has been in the hair for months or years. The natural colour pigmentation or condition of the hair is not affected at all by Zalon and you can carry out the desired colouring process directly afterwards. Of course, Zalon does not reverse the bleaching process so if hair has been previously bleached to a lighter colour, this is the colour that will be revealed. Zalon can also be used as a hair detoxifying service. It can remove residues from shampoos, conditioners and styling products as well as pollution. But be aware that Zalon works through oxidation and so will not work on non-oxidised colours, such as fashion colour stains (red,blue,green,etc). As with all hair products that come into contact with the whole head it is important to carry out a patch test every time.

The Process

The Zalon Colour Removal service comes in three steps. Firstly, mix solutions 1 and 2 in equal amounts, apply to the hair as you would a hair masque and leave for 60 minutes (it won't hurt the hair to leave it in longer than this but the process needs at least 60 minutes to complete). Rinse with warm water before applying and lathering solution 3 through the hair twice.

Available on our website in two sizes

Results from our Salons

Not only did Zalon remove the red from the hair it also helped Naomi of the Hair Sanctuary to achieve this stunning silver lob. After years of dying her hair very dark brown, this client decided it was time for a change. Zalon removed all of the almost-black colour revealing her natural medium brown.

Results from Zalon