GVS: The Manicure Table with Molecular Filtration

The filter systems developed by GVS are able to capture harmful fumes and dust that occur in the professional beauty environment down to sizes as small as0.3μm. The GVS Nailstation has four zone extraction, particle and molecular filters. These are certified and tested to ensure every GVS manicure table is able to safely remove harmful airborne contaminants leaving a healthy working environment. The GVS Nailstation purifies air both in the work area and beyond. The system will act as a room air purifier pulling in air and removing contaminant. The result is a better environment for workers, a lower risk of absence from work due to ill health and a reduced risk of claims against employers for work related sickness. The cleaner environment is also more professional and inviting to customers. This allows salons and spa’s to offer services that they previously wouldn’t be able to because of the odour.
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