Indola PCC Xpress Color 60ml

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3 X FASTER PROCESSING - Xpress PCC Smart colour from Indola

OnDemand | OnTime | OnColor

  • 14 OnDemand Shades with 3x faster OnTime processing
  • Still delivers high-performance results with no grey hairs and a natural look.
  • Cutting your root-retouch service time in half!
  • 10/10 with 10 minutes Application and 10 minutes Processing Time required = a 20 minute service for you and your happy client.

  • SMART Indola Xpress Color range is tailor made for you with only 10 minute application and 10 minute processing time required.
  • Faster, efficient and affordable, delivering a perfect colour result with flawless grey coverage!
  • With Keratin carriers that accelerate the micro pigment penetration boosted by strong pigment mix, the colour processes and develops almost 3 times faster!
  • Tips

  • Offer more services in less time to your clients. For example,
  • An Xpress Root Re-Touch Service: Perfect for those with quick regrowth that want to keep white hair hidden.
  • An Xpress Short Crop Serivce: Add a little bit of colour to the top of the head on this twist to colour.
  • Xpress Partial Colour Design: use Xpress and little time to add 4 to 8 face-framing colours in minutes to refresh a client's look.
  • Simply smarter colour solutions that will inspire, simplify and empower your life in an instant.
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