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ASP Infiniti Toners 60ml

Product code: 42458

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Offer: Free Bacticide Hand Sanitiser 400ml with Every 12 Tubes of Colour

  • T135 Mushroom Blonde - £6.49
  • T2 Pearl Blonde - £6.49
  • T21 Ice Blonde - £6.49
  • T21S Super Ice Blonde - £6.49
  • T22 Lilac - £6.49
  • T24 Almond Blonde - £6.49
  • T26 Rose Blonde - £6.49
  • T32 Beige Blonde - £6.49

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  • Affinage, one of the best brands when it comes to truly technical colour and colour correction have released a new blonde toning range.
  • Available in 6 blonde shades: T26 Rose Blonde, T21 Ice Blonde, T2 Pearl Blonde, T21S Super Ice Blonde, T24 Almond Blonde and T32 Beige Blonde
  • Suitable for use on pre-lightened hair to create soft beautiful cool or warm tones of your choice.
  • Contains Shea Butter and Argan Oil to help the condition of the hair.
  • Ultra Low Ammonia content.
  • Mix 1:2 ratio, 1 part Infiniti Toner to 2 parts developer.