Veganuary: A Mane Makeover with Biolage Blowdry, Oil and More...

Veganuary: A Mane Makeover with Biolage Blowdry, Oil and More...

As we dive headfirst into the new year, many of us are embracing the Veganuary challenge. Many pledging to make plant-based choices for a healthier planet and a healthier us. While swapping out your diet is a fantastic start, why not extend the green goodness to your beauty routine?

Today, we're putting the spotlight on a couple of products from Biolage. These two vegan hair products will leave your locks looking fabulous, while keeping your conscious clean as they're cruelty-free.

Veganuary is a global movement encouraging people to try a plant-based lifestyle for the month of January. It has continued to gain incredible momentum in recent years. Veganuary is not just about what you eat; it's about a holistic approach to sustainable living. This, of course, includes beauty and personal care products.

Our focus today is on transforming your hair care routine into a vegan haven, with Biolage leading the charge.


Biolage Blowdry - The Green Queen of Styling


Say goodbye to the days when effective styling meant compromising on your values. Biolage Blowdry is the answer to all your hairstyling prayers. This vegan, cruelty-free gem delivers salon-quality results. Ensure you treat your clients' strands with the utmost care.

Designed to protect and shield your clients' hair from heat damage of up to 450°F, while providing long-lasting hold. Whether you're aiming for sleek and straight or bouncy curls, this styling companion has got you covered. Plus, the heavenly scent is a delightful bonus that makes every styling session a spa-like experience.

Biolage Hydrasource Blow Dry Shaping Lotion

PRO TIP: Style with blow dryer aimed toward the ends to align cuticle and smooth hair's surface.


Biolage Oil - Nourishment with a Green Touch


What's better than a product that not only enhances the beauty of your clients' hair but also promotes its overall health? Biolage Oil is a vegan elixir that does just that. Packed with nourishing plant oils, this product adds shine, tames frizz, and leaves your hair feeling incredibly soft.

The lightweight formula of Biolage Oil ensures that your hair receives the care it deserves without feeling weighed down. For any hairstyle this is the perfect finishing touch! Your clients will find their sleek ponytail or natural waves shining beautifully. Plus, the cruelty-free guarantee means your clients can flaunt their gorgeous locks with a clear conscience.

Biolage All in One Multi Benefits Oil

How to Use:

Apply to dry hair, brush through to distribute. Follow with shampoo and conditioner.


Apply to clean, towel-dried hair and styles as usual. Reapply on dry hair for additional shine.

Overnight Treatment:

Apply to damp hair before bed for hair that feels soft and easy to detangle in the morning.


Why Biolage?


Biolage has long been a trusted name in the hair industry. Known for their commitment to sustainable living and cruelty-free practices. Incorporate Biolage Blowdry and Biolage Oil into your Veganuary hair care routine today! You're not just making a personal choice for ethical beauty – you're supporting a brand that values the planet as much as you do.

So, as we venture further into the month of Veganuary. Don't forget that our beauty routines can also be a part of the positive change.

Biolage Blowdry and Biolage Oil are proof that you can achieve stunning hair without compromising your values. So, here's to a month of fabulous vegan hair, and beyond! Embrace the green revolution, one strand at a time.


What Else Can You Do?

Of course, Biolage isn't the only eco friendly haircare brand we work with. We have a whole world of vegan-friendly options waiting for you! Brands like Kaeso, Crazy Color, NVNT, ORLY, Schwarzkopf Professional, and Head Jog are some stellar contenders.


Kaeso, renowned for its botanical-infused formulations, brings a refreshing touch to skincare and beauty. Their environmentally friendly ingredients ensures that your skin still receives the nourishment it craves while being eco conscious. From cleansers to moisturizers, Kaeso's vegan range caters to every step of your skincare routine.

 Image of a collection of Kaeso Products

Crazy Color, a vibrant hair colour brand, are passionate over their wish to help the world with vegan products. Now, you can experiment with bold and beautiful shades without a second thought about the impact on our furry friends. Unleash your creativity with Crazy Color, knowing that your hair transformation aligns with your compassionate values.

An image of Crazy Color bottles

NVNT, a rising star in the beauty industry, takes a sustainable approach to beauty products. Their vegan-friendly hair products are cruelty-free, sls and sles-free, paraben-free and 96% naturally derived. NVNT proves that beauty can be both ethical and glamorous.

An Image of products from the brand NVNT

ORLY, a trailblazer in the nail care industry, boasts a wide range of vegan nail polishes and treatments. ORLY has vegan options to keep your nails looking fabulous without compromising on your ethical standards. So, feel free to play around with classic neutrals or bold vibrant colours.

An image of products from the brand ORLY

Schwarzkopf Professional, a trusted name in haircare, acknowledges the growing demand for vegan alternatives. With their commitment to innovation, they offer a range of vegan-friendly haircare products that deliver salon-quality results. Say goodbye to compromises and hello to a haircare routine that aligns with your Veganuary goals.

An Image of Bonacure Products

For salon tools and accessories, Head Jog has got you covered. Their brushes, combs, and styling tools are not only high-quality but also vegan-friendly. Elevate your styling game while keeping your commitment to cruelty-free living intact with Head Jog's thoughtfully crafted tools.

An Image of Straw Brushes from Head Jog

This isn't the first time we've looked at these amazing brands that have devoted time to making their products Vegan. Just last Veganuary we made a blog that focused on some of these Eco-friendly brands. If you'd like to read further into them, then click here to read 'What are the benefits of Vegan products?'. Or if you'd like to explore at your own leisure, we have a tag dedicated to everything 'Vegan'.