What are the benefits of Vegan products?

Well, conventional hair products contain animal-sourced Keratin, Biotin, or Silk Amino Acids, all of which come from animals which makes them not Vegan. Similarly traditional nail polishes use three main chemicals; Toluene, Formaldehyde and Phthalates, all of which are known to be harmful with long term use.

Thus, using Vegan products means you’ll both being helping animals by using these Vegan/Cruelty-Free ranges and you’ll be kinder to your skin with the naturally sourced ingredients. There’s plenty of reasons to give Vegan products a go, and below are a couple brand’s thoughts on their Vegan products…



They prides themselves on being a natural and professional brand, which aims to use primarily Vegan products that leave every skin type smooth, fresh and enriched. Originating through the desire to create a unique beauty experience that is formulated with the finest ingredients, sources proven and effective, Kaeso has managed to combine the best of Eco-friendly and quality for skin care.

Crazy Color

With a passionate to help the world Crazy Color started by using Vegan products. They use natural ingredients to cause less damage to the environment (and your hair), they produce the product locally in the UK to ensure their products bring their customers the confidence of their high-quality nature, and they make sure no animals are harmed through the testing process.


NVNT is a brand that produces Vegan products that is cruelty-free, sls and sles-free, paraben-free and 96% naturally derived. This is a brand that aims to make products as natural as possible without losing any of the quality! The testimonials are positive!

"These smell amazing! Used the colour protect shampoo and conditioner and the anti-humidity spray on a colour client today, she loved it, so I brought them home to try on myself. Hair feels fab!"
- Nicky Wyatt

“Use shampoo and conditioner colour protect – great fragrance and low PH. I love this product.”
- Tomasz Kuśmierczyk 


The founder of ORLY, Jeff Pink, has always had the ethos that nail polish should never be harmful, never tested on animals and to be free from the 12-nasties, including formaldehyde, so making sure they only make Vegan nail polish was important to their company. Thus they refuse to use animal derived ingredients in their polishes, and keep their products stylish while keeping away from harmful chemicals!

Schwarzkopf Professional

At Schwarzkopf Professional, they wanted to make sure their new Bonacure Clean Performance products were as healthy for the environment as for your client’s hair, so they created Vegan Keratin, a vegetable alternative to the classical non-vegan hydrolysed Keratin. It's composed of a combination of natural and botanical derived Wheat Amino Acids and Soy Amino Acids as well as Arginine HCL and Serine, both commonly known as the building blocks of hair. It does all that while improving the previous formulas ability to strengthen, reduce frizz and protect the hair!

Head Jog

Head Jog uses environmentally friendly materials during production to reduce their carbon emissions to zero. Using biomass materials such as straw and rice husk means their brushes and hair clips are perfectly safe for the environment. 

These aren’t the only brands introducing Vegan products to their line-up. There’s also brands like Matrix, Pulp Riot, 2am London, Osmo, and so much more! And here at Salon Supplies, we hope to help you support the environment with more than just Vegan products, we also offer things like Recycle My Salon.

Recycle My Salon is a Scheme that will help Salons with their recycling. If you buy one of their Recycling Bins from us, you can recycle Aluminium waste such as: Aluminium Colour Tubes, Aerosol Cans, Foils, Bottle Tops, etc. If you’re turning to Vegan products, because you want to help the environment this is another way to help, find out more information on Recycle My Salon here.

Vegan products and Eco-friendly services are shaping up to be the way of the future, make sure to keep up-to-date and be amazed by this promising future!