We Are Proud to Be Part of The New Recycle My Salon Scheme

We Are Proud to Be Part of The New Recycle My Salon Scheme

Hair Salon Recycling for Everyone

Straight from Your Salon

As businesses, it is our responsibility to work as ethically as possible with the environment and the damage we could potentially be doing to it in mind.

That is why we are so proud to have joined up with Recycle My Salon to aid distribution of their new Recycling Bins.

Buy the bin straight from us - it comes with everything you need to get started including a lid and plastic liner bags. Then fill it up with all your used aluminium colour tubes and foil - no need to clean them! 

First Mile is the company that picks up the bins once they are full and you can use their online service to arrange a pick up.

It's easy, affordable and an ideal way to prevent needless waste in the hairdressing industry.

Here's a step by step breakdown of the process...

1. Purchase Your Recycling Bins

Space for 300 tubes. Includes 5 x 60L bins and 1 x re-usable lid, 25 recycled plastic bags (to put aluminium in before placing inside the bin). Discounted rate when ordered through a wholesale distributor

Buy Your Bin Here

2. Fill Your Bin & Close the Top

Fill the recycled plastic bags with your aluminium waste (no need to rinse) and place inside the bin.

When full, remove the re-usable lid, close and seal the top of the bin.

3. Arrange Collection of Your Bin

Scan the QR code on the box to arrange a day/time for collection. First Mile will collect, sort, bale and recycle each bin for £40 (All offers are subject to VAT, regional availability and while stocks last).

About Recycle My Salon...


Recycling aluminium is the right thing to do. Why send used products to landfill when aluminium is 100% recyclable? We believe our industry should take more responsibility for it’s waste.

Waste Materials
There are approximately 35 million colour tubes per year on the market, plus an estimated 15 tonnes of used aluminium foil.

From your salon, we will recycle used foils and colour tubes with residual chemicals on, along with drinks cans and empty aerosols. We also take Aerosol cans, Drinks cans, Foil takeaway containers, Aluminium tubes, Chocolate foil, Bottle tops and Foil lids.

- How do Collections work?
- How to build your bin and organise it for collection


Take control of your salon and help make a difference

Recycle My Salon is run as an affordable not-for-profit scheme by The Hair and Beauty Suppliers Association.