How to create #COLORFULHAIR with L'Oréal

How to create #COLORFULHAIR with L'Oréal
We have some more big industry news - L'Oréal have released their own version of semi-permanent, intermixable hair colour. Within the 7 colour palette, there are three warm shades, three cool shades and a neutral shade. There are two types of pink: a hot magenta as well as a pastel pink and a coral orange. Then there are three shades of blue ranging from a deep indigo, a medium navy and a brighter turquoise shade. Finally, the iced mint is a welcome accompaniment containing yellow tones as well as blue. This palette has been carefully thought out so that you can mix them together for even more unique, desirable shades. Plus, with the additional Clear formula you can mix with the pure shades to create more pastel versions and even more options. This means it's easier than ever to create fantasy inspired hair such as: Mermaid hair with blues and greens Cool Candy toned hair with pinks and blues combining to make purples Warm Candy toned hair with the pinks and coral Watermelon hair with the pinks and greens Sunset hair with warm tones of orange mixed with cool tones of blue To inspire you, L'Oréal has come up with a few looks using this new product as well as instructions on how to carry out the transformations.


Create the look 1. Pre-lightening – Using Blond Studio Platinium Plus & Blond Studio Nutri-developer 20vol 2. Colour – Roots in Pink Sorbet, - Mid-lengths in a mixing ratio 1:3 Sunset Coral: Crystal Clear, - Ends in a mixing ration 1:5 Caribbean Blue: Crystal Clear. 3. PREP: Prep with Tecni.ART Volume Architect. 4. FINISH: Finish with Tecni.ART Crêpage de Chignon. This particular vision of Candy hair uses very pastelised versions of the pinks, corals, ice mint and purple on a very light, white base. More of the pink and purple has been used in the roots to create a shadowed effect whilst the front sections feature more green which brightens the face. This look demonstrates how you can use tones and colour correction in fashion colour contouring to improve your client's overall look as well as counteract any flaws.


Create the look 1. Pre-lightening – Using Blond Studio Platinium Plus & Blond Studio Nutri-developer 20vol 2. Colour – Working from the front hairline towards in a ‘V’ shape to the crown using Iced Mint and isolate these sections with Easimeche. 3. On the back section of the hair using a balayage technique apply Navy Blue. 4. Prep with Tecni.ART Pli 5. Finish with Mythic Original Oil. This version of the Mermaid Hair uses a more vivid version of the blues available and then uses the Ice Mint as a highlighting tool to create bright sections - like sunlight on the surface of water.


Create the look 1. Pre-lightening – mix Blond Studio Multi-techniques Powder & 20 vol developer. 2. Colour – Roots in a mixing ratio 1:3 Electric Purple: Crystal Clear mix. - Roots down to the tip of the hair – 1:4 Electric Purple: Crystal Clear mix. - Ends – Smudge mixing ratio 1:3 Electric Purple: Crystal Clear mix. 3. Prep with Tecni.ART Volume Lift. 4. Finish with Tecni.Art Fix Design. Lavender is still as popular as ever - mainly inspired by the silver hair trend which is still going strong. This look creates a gorgeous lavender shade using the Electric Purple shade mixed with the Crystal Clear. There are different ratios of the two from roots to tips and lots of smudging so you get that lovely blended/balayaged finish.

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