Schwarzkopf Blond Me: The first complete in-salon system for Blonde Hair

Schwarzkopf Blond Me: The first complete in-salon system for Blonde Hair
With Summer just around the corner, women and men across the country will be visiting their salon for the inevitable 'blondeover' season. Blonde hair services represent a huge 60% of a salon's business but is often also the most challenging for a colourist. Some clients will be blonde-veterans, revisiting for a touch up to refresh and enhance their blonde locks while others will be taking the plunge for the very first time - excited to live life as a blonde. Most hairdressers will remember the time when going blonde just meant a simple bottle of bleach but these days, thankfully, there is a lot more to it. You have different tones of blonde to choose from and caring for the hair through this harsh process is now imperative. This is why Schwarzkopf have come up with a COMPLETE BLONDE SYSTEM for any and all blondes. The Blond Me range provides the professional colourist with everything they need to delivery a totally bespoke, blonde look to their client without damaging the integrity of their hair. These gorgeous blondes represent Schwarzkopf's Blond Me campaign and represent the following key skills: 1. HOW TO ACHIEVE THE CLEAREST BLONDE ON DARK BASES? 2. HOW TO GO FROM DARK TO BLONDE? 3. HOW TO CREATE INDIVIDUAL LOOKS WITH FREEHAND TECHNIQUES? 4. HOW TO TIPTOE INTO BLONDE? 5. HOW TO CREATE AND MAINTAIN COOL BLONDES (WITHOUT BANDING)? 6. HOW TO LIFT NATURAL AND COVER WHITE HAIR AT THE SAME TIME?

Step 1: Lightening

Obviously, the first step to going blonde is the Lightening Process, taking that client's hair up to the level classed as 'blonde.' Obviously, this process will be different with each person depending on their original hair colour and how blonde they are looking to go. The good news is, and what is truly revolutionary about Schwarzkopf's Blond Me range, is the addition of Bond Strengthening technology in its lightening products AND its hair care products! This means you can lighten hair with minimal hair breakage and push the boundaries for your clients more than ever. The Blond Me range includes a Premium Lightener perfect for all-over lift (up to 9 levels) or a Paint-On Lightener designed for more precise effects such as balayage highlights and contouring.
The Blond Me range also includes some hi-lift tubes (up to 5 levels) which also include the Bond Strengthening technology. This means there is no need for bleaching beforehand or a further additive when mixing together with the Developer so your client won't need to spend any more time in the chair and you won't need to use a higher percentage of peroxide. Available in Ice, Sand and Steel tones. There is also a lifting blonde formula perfected for covering and blending with grey hair in the range which comes in Caramel, Ice, Sand and Irise. and a Hi-Lighting version developed for naturally dark or previously coloured hair in Cool Rose and Warm Blonde.

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Step 2: Toning

As any professional colourist will tell you, the battle you fight with blonde hair is not with LIFTING the hair - but with toning it. It's easy to lighten someone's hair but to achieve a gorgeously flattering golden, ice or even rose blonde takes skill and a specially-formulated Toner. The Blonde Me range includes two types of toners. An Additive Toner which will tone the hair during the lightening process or the popular Instant Blush Creative Pastel Toners which have already gained an appreciative following on Social Media platforms like Instagram. The Additive toners have been formulated to ensure your lightened hair turns to a more traditional cool and icy finish or the more modern and trendy pastel rose in one single process during lifting. These tones will then last in the hair until your client's next salon visit. The Instant Blushes are a different kind of toner and product altogether. Ideal for those customers that like to play with their hair colour, they can have a differently toned blonde every month of the year or even more than one at once! Choose from Caramel, Apricot, Ice, Lilac, Sand, Steel Blue or Strawberry - lasting three washes.

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Step 3: Blonde Hair Care

The Blond Me range doesn't just stop at delivering the perfect and lift and tone of blonde hair for every individual client, but it includes a hair care range which is just as bespoke, for cool, warm or any blonde hair AND ALSO RESTORES HAIR KERATIN!
There is also a Cleansing Conditioner available designed to clean and condition your hair in one step without stripping your hair as a normal shampoo would do. This is ideal for blondes, helping any toning last longer and preventing any unnecessary damage to the lightened hair surface. There are two enhancing sprays to choose from the Spray Conditioner for Cool Blondes or the Smoothing Shine Elixer Spray for the perfect blonde finish.
There is also a hair care range created especially for Cool Blondes, Warm Blondes and for the most damaged of blonde hair, an intense Keratin Restore potion with ADDED BOND PROTECTION!

The range has already received a lot of love on Social Media with a huge following of fans and it's clear to see that Schwarzkopf have put a lot of thought and work into this Complete Blond Hair System dedicated to all the blondes or blondes-to-be of the world that walk through your salon doors.

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