What's New with Indola? New products, new look, new website and more!

What's New with Indola? New products, new look, new website and more!
Using the hashtag #SimplySmarter, Indola were giving us a clue to the changes they were working on. Undergoing a bit of a makeover, they've just released some amazing new products that utilise never-before seen technology courtesy of their ever-busy scientists and laboratories. They've also updated their image as a modern, online-savy brand with a new website featuring new and educational content from their Ed(you)cation features to How To videos on their Social Media platforms by Celebrity Hairdressers.

New Products and Technology

This was the big announcement from Indola and it perfectly defines their motto of being #SimplySmarter - The NEW Profession Caring Color Transformer 500ml is a salon's new best friend and is a MUST-HAVE for a number of reasons. The Color Transformer formula contains active ingredients that enable the transformation of permanent hair colour to semi-permanent hair colour! This means you save space in your salon cupboard as well as in your budget as you no longer need to buy two tubes of the same colour (permanent and semi-permanent). In one simple step you will be able to make any of the existing Profession Caring Color Shades permanent which is a much larger collection - the possibilities as a professional colourist are endless! It works using a pH balancer which neutralizes the ammonia content and reduces the pH value of Profession Caring Color shades. Oil is then responsible for an increased care effect, helping to control the dilution of Profession Caring Color shades and makes sure that the pigments can develop. Try it for yourself here while it's on OFFER for only £5.75!

New Packaging

As you may have noticed looking at the Profession Caring Color tubes above that the Indola lightening and colouring system has undergone a little bit of a makeover.

New Looks

Alongside some new looks for their products, Indola have also unveiled the latest Lookbook with some gorgeous looks which range from very up-to-date and modern to more natural and classic favourites. What they all have in common is just how wearable and relevant they are to any and all salons - and each client that walks through its doors. The images are not only eye-catching and inspiring but they use an everyday city backdrop and models with NO POST-EDIT RETOUCHING - so anyone can look at these images and know that they are obtainable.
New Website with more ed(you)cation from a NEW TEAM of Celerity Hairdressers and Bloggers
The Indola website has also seen some major updates. Not only does it now boast an overall sleek, modern and RESPONSIVE design (so it can be viewed on mobiles and tablets) - but it has also totally upped its content-game. To make you even more #SimplySmarter, Indola has released brand new material under the name ed(you)cation. Education that is just for you. You can explore all of the looks above in the Lookbook section as well as find out how to GET THE LOOK for each - so you can create them, colour and style, for yourself.
You can also meet Indola's NEW TEAM of Celebrity Hairdressers and Bloggers. Very much active on Social Media Platforms you can learn their techniques by watching them and see how they achieve the stunning results you see on mainstream and social media.

All of this will be wonderful news to any existing fans of Indola but to anyone else, we hope that this is a helpful write-up and will help you understand what Indola has to offer and can perhaps work for you and will enable you to work #SimplySmarter and not harder.

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