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Provide excellent, faster and quicker services whether you are an independent salon, mobile hairdresser or a booth rental hairdresser. When it comes to your business, time is money, especially for freelance and mobile hairdresers – so we're really excited to present to you, new XPress Color from Indola. Brilliant colour results, in half the time. Quicker services means more clients and happier clients – so more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Individual, innovative and inspirational, we’re just what you need on your side when developing and sustaining a successful salon.

INDIVIDUAL Indola is international and salon exclusive. Young, fresh and full of bright ideas, it offers a real alternative to the ‘Big Three’ – because it celebrates you, the independent hairdresser. Indola respects your individual needs for flexibility and the freedom of choice. INNOVATIVE Indola listens and understands the business of independent hairdressers, offering high quality innovations that are perfectly designed to suit your needs; professional products, tools and materials to help your salon become even more successful. INSPIRATIONAL Highly relevant, and focused on your everyday needs, our expert support is here to make your business thrive and prosper.
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