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Indola Profession Color Style Mousse Can 200ml

New Shades
Product Code: 13390

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Jul-Aug Offer: Buy 2 Save 10% on Indola Color Style Mousse

  • Dark Blonde Indola Mousse - £6.72
  • Dark Ash - £6.72
  • Silver Indola Mousse - £6.72
  • Med Blond Indola Mousse - £6.72
  • Med Brown Indola Mousse - £6.72
  • Pearl Grey Indola Mousse - £6.72
  • Beige Blonde Indola Mousse - £6.72
  • Intense Red Indola Mousse - £6.72
  • Honey Blonde Mousse - £6.72
  • Copper Blond Indola Mousse - £6.72
  • Silver Lavender - £6.72
  • Anthracite - £6.72
  • Light Brown Hazel - £6.72
  • Soft Apricot - £6.72
  • Strawberry Rose - £6.72
  • Soft Mauve - £6.72


  • Temporary multi-usage hair colour
  • Leave in or Rinse off 
  • New packaging and new gentle, non-sticky Vegan formula. 
  • Easy application with comb and brush. 
  • How it works: Profession Color Style Mousse works with direct pigments which deposit the colour direct onto the cuticle. It even has a caring side too, protecting hair from heat damage as it colours while boosting colour brilliance to the max. Whether you’re looking to refresh a permanent hair colour, experiment with a new shade (without the risk), or simply enhance natural colour, this head-turning product is smart on every level.
  • Range: The 11 delicious shades are separated into three groups - Natural, Fashion and Rejuvenate - with tempting colour choices such as red, sliver and anthracite.
  • Smartness: Improved pigments deliver deeply luminous colour in minutes and the mousse couldn’t be easier to apply, giving it extra appeal as a take-home product. It doesn’t get smarter than that.
  • Are you smart: Make a step forward with new Indola Profession Color Style Mousse. Mousses may be the latest big thing in cosmetics, but Indola’s updated offering is way more than just a pretty face. Sure, it will make a slick addition to any shelf (salon or bathroom) but, more importantly, it delivers outstanding results in an instant.

*When old/current packaging sells out new packaging will be sold 

Shade Guide

1. Select your desired Color Style Mousse shade. Shampoo & towel dry. Wear gloves. Shake can well.

2. Hold can upside down and dispense 1-2 tennis ball sized portions onto palms or a brush. Distribute evenly by combing through the hair.

3. Leave in and blow-dry as usual.