Being Greener

1. Recycled Boxes

We recycle the boxes from our suppliers in store and when couriering orders. We further our commitment to sustainability by repurposing materials whenever possible. This helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

2. Electric Vans

We currently have two Zero-Emission, electric vans. One for whole of the Isle of Wight and one that delivers in the Portsmouth area. The vans don't just help protect the environment, they also reduce traffic and noise pollution. Together, they provide sustainable delivery for a cleaner, greener future.

3. Paper Bags - No More Plastic

We don't use plastic bags anymore - only paper bags and recycled boxes. This is more sustainable and helps reduce the amount of waste going to landfills - a more eco-friendly choice for the needs of our customers.

4. Recycle My Salon Scheme

We endorse the 'Recycle My Salon' Scheme. Recycling salon waste helps reduce the environmental impact caused by the hair and beauty industry and minimizes landfill waste. It's an easy way to show your commitment to sustainability. Read more about it here.

5. Fighting Plastic Pollution

Salon Supplies works with Dynamite Recruit who are partnered with Seven Clean Seas to help clean up the ocean. As of October 2023, Salon Supplies have helped removed 15 Kilos of plastic from the ocean. This is the equivalent of 600 plastic bottles, which if placed end to end would be the length of a football field!