Matrix Color Sync Acidic Toners 90ml - NOW WITH NEW BRUNETTE TONING SHADES

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  • Read here for information on what shades have been discontinued and what alternative shades/formulas can be used instead..
  • Tone blonde and brunette hair whilst improving the look and feel and making it more glossy with the Color Sync Acidic Toners by Matrix.
  • This palette deposits only to tone, with no base shift PLUS added conditioning.
  • These toners are gentle on sensitised hair as they smooth the hair cuticle.
  • Lightening and Balayage services make up a huge amount of the income a salon makes. 1 in 3 services currently uses a toner. Ensure that you can deliver perfect blonde and brunette multi-dimensional shades with these acidic toners.
  • Acidic Toners are pure deposit only with no lift. This means less damage to your clients' hair.
  • These toners can even be used as a separate service in between regular colour appointments for extra toning, colour refresh or even as a gloss service. This means more revenue for your salon.
  • Acidic Toners for Blonde Hair: Sheer Steel, Sheer Ash, Sheer Nude and Sheer Violet.
  • Acidic Toners for Brunette Hair
  • Ash - Use for Low Lights and neutralising orange brassy tones on hair levels 5 to 6
  • Neutral - Use for Toning Brunette Balayage and enhancing neutral tones on hair levels 4 to 6
  • Mocha - Use for Root Smudging and enhancing rich mocha tones on hair levels 4 to 6
  • Matte - Use for Colour Refreshing and neutralising red/orange tones on hair levels 2 to 4
  • The Acidic Sync range includes an Acidic Clear which MUST be used with the Acidic Toners. (The regular (Alkaline) Sync Shade palette includes its own Clear to be mixed with regular (Alkaline) Sync shades.
  • How to use

  • Mixing Ratio 1:1, Color Sync: Color Sync Activator
  • Mixing Ratio with Clear: 1 part Clear:1 part Acidic Shade with equal part Color Sync Activator, to dilute other shades in the Color Sync Acidic pallet.
  • Apply to dry or towel dried hair and visually process for up to 20 minutes.
  • Use the Acidic Clear Toner in this range to dilute these Colour Sync Acid shades or on its own for the ultimate glossing service. (No chance of base shift).
  • For a faster option for colour correction, take a look at the Color Sync (Alkaline) Fast Toners instead.

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