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NEW Matrix Socolor Sync Pre-Bonded Acidic Toners 90ml

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Offer: Free Bacticide Hand Sanitiser 400ml with Every 12 Tubes of Colour

  • 10PA - £6.65
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  • 10PR - £6.65
  • Sheer Steel 8AA - £6.65
  • Sheer Ash 8A - £6.65
  • Sheer Violet 8V - £6.65

  • The Acidic Toners from Matrix are a collection from SoColor Sync.
  • These toners are perfect for hair that needs to be conditioned, toned and polished from root to tip with our pre-bonded and ammonia-free formula.
  • Use the Acidic Toners as part of a separate professional service in-salon between regular colour appointments for extra toning, colour refresh or a gloss service.
  • Available in 4 pearls shades; Pearl-Gold, Pearl-Rose, Pearl-Violet and Pearl-Ash.
  • The SoColor Sync Acidic Opal Toners use an acidic formula that gives hair a sheer, long-lasting, pre-bonded, iridescent tone that illuminates.
  • Key Benefits

  • Ammonia free
  • Lasts up to 20 shampoos
  • Pre-Bonded – helping to protect the inner hair structure, colour after colour (Assessed after 7 applications on sensitised hair)
  • Pre-Blended – ensuring all underlying pigments can be neutralised
  • Pure deposit only with no lift
  • All the SoColor Sync toners in the Acidic technology are intermixable
  • The Acidic Toners technology is deposit only, meaning no lift in base level.
  • Key Information

  • Result type: Multi-dimensional
  • Mixing ratio (colour to developer) 1:1
  • Developer: Matrix Sync Activator 9 Vol
  • Visual processing time: up to 20 minutes