Matrix Extra Coverage

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Read here for information on what shades have been discontinued and what alternative shades/formulas can be used instead..
  • ALL NEW SHADES for superior coverage of grey hair and reflective colour results
  • Contains CERA-OIL Complex as with all
  • Can be mixed with the rest of the Blended Collection
  • Improves condition, smoothness and shine of hair as it colours
  • 20VOL Matrix Cream Developer (6%) is recommended for grey coverage. The mixing ratio for SOCOLOR Extra Coverage is 1:1 with 45 minutes of development time.
  • SoColor Beauty Extra-Coverage
    For perfect, neutral or warm coverage on over 50% grey.
    SoColor Beauty Ultra Blondes
    For maximum lightening and additional toning on levels 5 to 7.
    SoColor Beauty Power Cools
    For the ultimate in cool pigmented blonde and brunette shades.


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