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ASP System Blonde Creme Lightener 250g (6 Levels)

Product Code: 43699 / Bin: A06-1A

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  • System Blonde Ammonia-Free Crème Lightener – lightens up to 6 levels, leaving hair in incredible condition.
  • The ultra-gentle formula contains Guar Gum, Rice and Corn Proteins to protect the hair & scalp, nourishing and replenishing moisture. Suitable for all lightening techniques, including on-scalp.

  • Mix to a ratio of 1 part Ammonia-Free Crème Lightener to 1 part ASP Crème Developer - 10vol (3%), 20vol (6%), 30vol (9%) or 40vol (12%) depending on lift required.
  • For on-scalp application where a thinner mix is required the mixing ratio is 1 part Ammonia-Free Crème Lightener to 2 parts low strength ASP Crème developer- 10vol (3%) or 20vol (6%) only.

  • Do not wash the hair before lightening.
  • Take fine sections of hair and apply the product liberally.
  • On virgin hair, apply to mid-lengths first and then to roots (where the lifting action is quicker because of the natural heat from the scalp).
  • On regrowth application, do not overlap to previously lightened hair.

  • Ammonia-Free Crème Lightener is active for up to 60 minutes - check development frequently.
  • When the desired lift is achieved, rinse thoroughly and gently shampoo the hair.

  • Do not apply to the scalp if there are abrasions or signs of irritation.
  • Do not use the product to bleach eyelashes or eyebrows.
  • Do not use the product for any other purpose than bleaching hair.
  • Avoid contact with face and eyes.
  • In case of contact, rinse immediately with cold water.
  • Do not mix the product in metal containers. Always use rubber gloves.