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Agenda Get-a-grip Holder

Product code: 9342

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  • Get a Grip 100 - Blonde - £2.99
  • Get a Grip 100 - Brown - £2.99
  • Get a Grip 100 - Black - £2.99
  • Get a Grip 250 - Blonde - £4.99
  • Get a Grip 250 - Brown - £4.99
  • Get a Grip 250 - Black - £4.99
  • Agenda Get A Grip Holder is a must-have retail product - it does what you see in the tin. A great place to keep all grips together in the same place.
  • Pretty little tins to be able to keep grips in one place. Keeping them neat and tidy in one place, stopping the grips going everywhere.
  • Agenda get a grip holders come in lovely blended colours to suit everybody.
  • Super reliable grip, great for use when styling and creating hairstyles. Use these grips for bridal hair, prom hair, events and occasions.
  • Conveniently packed in 100s or 250s to ensure that there is plenty of grips in the tin for use.