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Crazy Color Bleaching Kit

Product Code: 8437 / Bin: G03-4E

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This Bleaching Kit from Crazy Color pre-lightens hair ready for colouring with your favourite direct Crazy Color shade or shades.

Lifts 6+ levels to achieve a pale blonde base so your colour can look its most vibrant. 


Kit Contains

Disposable Gloves
Mixing Bowl
Tint Brush
2 x Bleach Sachets (25g)
100ml Cream Peroxide 30 vol (9%)
Multilingual Instructions

The shade achieved and length of duration is dependent on natural hair color, porosity, condition, and thickness. For long roots or hair you may need two kits. 


It is recommended that you always complete a strand test prior to use as this product may cause irritation. This will also indicate the development time required to achieve your desired results. Please refer to pack for strand test instructions.

How to use

1. Wearing the gloves provided, open the enclosed bleach sachets and empty full contents into the mixing bowl provided. (Avoid skin contact and inhalation of powder).
2. Add the developer to the bleach powder and mix using the application brush until creamy. (Guide: 100ml Peroxide to 50g bleach).
3. Apply product evenly to dry, unwashed hair. Allow to process.
4. Your natural hair color will determine the development time required. Please refer to the pack for a guide to timings.
5. After 20 minutes, check a section of hair every 10 minutes to assess progress. Remove the mixture from test section using a damp tissue. If you have not achieved your desired shade re-apply mixture and continue processing.
6. Continue to check every 10 minutes in order to avoid over processing.
7. When you are satisfied with shade, shampoo hair thoroughly and rinse extensively with warm water (Avoid contact with eyes at all times: see cautions).


Contains Hydrogen Peroxide. Always wear suitable gloves - plastic or rubber. Do not apply peroxide directly to hair. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse immediately, and for at least 10 minutes, if product comes into contact with them. If irritation occurs, obtain medical advice. ALWAYS READ CAUTIONS & INSTRUCTIONS FULLY BEFORE PRODUCT APPLICATION.

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