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Damage Undo Technical Protect Cream 250ml

Product Code: 19802 / Bin: A18-4K

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Damage Undo Technical Protect Cream 250ml is a protective hair cream to be mixed with colours and bleaches.

This is a latest generation dermatogically tested cream that performs 3 extraordinary actions on the hair and scalp.

It protects and nourishes both in depth and the presence of perfumed plant exracts, reducing the perception of the ammonia smell during technial services (colouring, bleaching etc).

The formula boosted by Keraboost Technology is a synergic complex of active ingredients of natural origin that protects and strengthens disulphide bonds and the hair fibre from all types of aggressions.

Mix in with the colour cream or bleach powder/cream in a 6:1 ratio.

For example, 60g colour + 60g developer = 120g of mixture. Divide 120g by 6 which equals to 20g of Technical Protect Cream, add the 20g to the mixture then proceed with the usual colour/bleach application on the hair.