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Denman D6 Be Bop Handy Detangler & Massage Brush

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  • D6 Brush Pink - £4.50
  • D6 Brush Yellow - £4.50
  • D6 Brush Purple - £4.50
  • D6 Brush Blue - £4.50
  • D6 Brush Black - £4.50
  • D6 Brush Grey - £4.50
The compact little D6 brush has been around since the 1950s and is a must-have staple commonly found in salons and barbershops up and down the high street. Used at the salon backwash, let your clients enjoy the most luxurious scalp massage, which will make them coming back for more! On wet hair, the D6 is the perfect detangler – getting through all kinds of tough knots and tangles. Crossing over into the barbershop, the Be-Bop is famously known for styling gent’s hair by distributing waxes and pomades throughout the hair. Why not retail these brushes in your shop and make a bit of extra cash? Clients are going wild for this handy detangler!

What does the D6 do?
• Gently detangles wet and dry hair
• Massages and invigorates the scalp
• Distributes shampoo, conditioner or styling products
• Restyling short hair
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What is the D6 best for?
• Gentle Detangling & Massage
• Curl Definition

How does the D6 work?
• Extra-soft flexible pins gently massage, detangle and invigorate the scalp
• Our waterproof material and hand-strap mean you can safely use in the bath or shower to massage or distribute or remove shampoo or conditioner
• Its circular pattern and hand-strap make this suitable for those with limited finger dexterity.

Perfect for:
• Detangling Wet Hair
• Detangling and Styling Dry Hair especially short hair
• Using in the shower or bath
• Distributing shampoos, conditioners or styling products
• Perfect for kids, sensitive scalps and those with fragile hair
• Ideal for those with limited finger dexterity
• Curl Definition

Product Care & Features:
• Water-proof
• Wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and leave to dry away from direct heat and sunlight.
• Remove loose hair from brush with a comb
• Supplied in 100% Recyclable Card Packs
• Denman is committed to reducing waste. Did you know that the D6 brush can be fully recycled in your domestic plastics recycling bin? It couldn’t be simpler!