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Hair Tools Disicide Plus+ Concentrate 1000ml

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  • Disicide Plus is an alcohol-free, water-based and VEGAN Disinfectant, Fungicide, Virucide formula.
  • Disinfectant specially made for barbers, hair and beauty salons, tattooists and spas.
  • Disicide Plus is an environmentally friendly biocidal product. It is water-based and solvent-free so even suitable for indoor use.
  • It's safe for the user and can be used on all water-resistant and porous surfaces as well as textiles and leather.
  • Discide Plus+ works against different types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and removes bad odours.
  • Important

  • Do not mix with other agents as this may negate the effectiveness.
  • Proven effective against bacteria and viruses in accordance with EU regulations: EN 13697, EN 1276, EN 1650, EN 13624, EN 13727, EN 14562, EN 14476, EN 14561.
  • How to use

  • Suitable to use on tables, chairs, decor, home, office, lounge, suntan beds, leather furniture, toilets, showers, bathtub, kitchen refrigerators, freezers, kitchen appliances, metal surfaces, marble, glass, fabric, etc.
  • 1. 100ml concentrate to 1000ml water.
  • 2. Apply product to surface for at least 30 seconds.
  • 3. Allow the surface to air dry.
  • Use with the Hair Tools Disicide Plus+ Spray Machine