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Hair Tools Disicide Plus+ Spray Machine

Product code: 3990

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  • The Disicide Plus Spray Machine uses a pneumatic pump to produce very hot steam, which converts Disicide Plus+ into a mist (140 degrees, 0.26nm in diameter). (Designed to be used with Disicide Plus+ Concentrate below only).
  • How to use

  • Suitable to use on tables, chairs, decor, home, office, lounge, suntan beds, leather furniture, toilets, showers, bathtub, kitchen refrigerators, freezers, kitchen appliances, metal surfaces, marble, glass, fabric, etc.
  • 1. Fill container with diluted Disicide Plus+ Concentrate (mix beforehand: 100ml concentrate to 1000 ml water.)
  • 2. Plug in and turn on the power switch.
  • 3. Wait about 40 seconds for the machine to preheat, until the green light comes on and the sprayer begins releasing the mist.
  • 4. Rotate the regulator to adjust the spraying intensity from weak (anticlockwise) to strong (clockwise).
  • Spray the surface for at least 10 seconds and leave to air dry.
  • Must be used with Hair Tools Disicide Plus+ Concentrate 1000ml