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Indola PCC CREA-BOLD 100ml

Product Code: 13021

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  • Pastel Lavender - £6.59
  • Teal Green - £6.59
  • Turquoise Blue - £6.59
  • Indigo Blue - £6.59
  • Canary Yellow - £6.59
  • Bright Red - £6.59
  • True Pink - £6.59
  • Fuchsia Pink - £6.59

Indola PCC CREA-BOLD is designed for True Colour Lovers!

New compact and intuitive assortment. Creative additives and service essentials, to maximise service opportunities. 

Same high performing, trusted and reliable formula all at an affordable price.

One stop for all colour services, taking you from entry to exit of colour for clients of ALL ages.


  • 8 intense vivid semi-permanent colours, giving bold results that clients can't get enough of!
  • Boosted by shine-enhancing ingredients.
  • For semi-permanent results up to 15 washes (8 washes for Pastel Lavender).


  • Ready to use formula.
  • The lighter the hair, the brighter and truer to the tone the shade will be.
  • For Pastel Results: Mix with Indola Color Treatment for softer results and enhanced care effect.
  • The paler the colour result, the shorter the longevity will be.

Visit https://dm.henkel-dam.com/is/content/henkel/UK_IND_PCC_RL_IfU_3_23_033596_X for a more in-depth guide on 'how to use'.