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L'Oréal LuoColor 50ml

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  • Discover a new generation of colour : LUO Color, fresh colour, fresh shine. New nutrigel technology. Thanks to its technological innovations, this colour gives incredible shine and a natural, healthy look, enhancing the hair's own reflects.
  • Quick results within 20 minutes.

Luocolor should be mixed in a 1 to 1.5 ratio, i.e. 50ml (1 tube) of Lucolor + 75ml of Lucolor Releaser 25 volume. Wearing suitable disposable gloves mix until a creamy gel texture is obtained. 

Start the application on lengths and ends, then immediately apply Luocolor in the roots, beginning the application at the back nape area of the head. For colour refreshing, take through for the last 5 minutes of the development time. If the previous colour is faded, take through the last 10 minutes of the development time. If the previous colour is very faded or you are changing the reflect, take through immediately. 

On sensitised hair, or hair you want to darken, apply the desired shade to the root area, and immediately take through lengths and ends. On hair already coloured darker or with an incompatible colour, cleanse as appropriate with Efassor. 

Wearing suitable disposable gloves apply Luocolor to roots, lengths and ends. When cleansing, the warm shades may darken excessive during the first few minutes when Efassor is applied due to oxydation. Do not rinse and allow Efassor to work during the required development time.