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L'Oréal Serie Expert Absolut Molecular Shampoo 1.5L

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Professional shampoo, formulated with Peptide Binding + 5 Amino Acids to repair the macromolecular structure of the hair.

Ultra-treating cream that transforms into foams, cleanses, detangles hair and offers a high level of treatment.
The hair is more strong and nourished, with greater elasticity and movement. Without sulphates.

When hair is damaged, its molecular structure, composed of peptides, is compromised.
Hair breaks, becomes elastic and does not move. Most of the peptides are too large to be reinjected into the fiber, making the damage nearly irreversible.

Scientific Discovery - Absolut Repair Molecular.
Repairs 2 years of damage, in a single use*.
For the first time, L'Oréal Advanced Research has succeeded in breaking down peptides and injecting their components separately into the fibre**. Once inside, they reform and rebuild the molecular structure of the hair***.

This patented shampoo, formulated with Binding Peptides + 5 Amino Acids, repairs the macromolecular structure of the hair*.
The hair is stronger and nourished , with increased stretch, movement****, and +86% softness*****.

Without sulfates, the luxurious texture of the formula transforms into a rich lather, cleanses, detangles the hair and offers a high level of care.

For all types of damaged or very damaged hair, coloured, lightened and natural.

This range has been developed in collaboration with 3 professionals.


- Repairs the macromolecular structure of damaged hair.
- Hair is stronger and nourished.
- Greater elasticity.
- +86% softness.
- Sulphate-free.