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Nail Protein Formula 2 Grow 15ml

Product Code: 14702

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Nail Protein Formula 2 Grow 15ml is designed specifically for soft, thin, peeling or weak nails. The blend of AHA's and Panthenol help the nail structure become denser. It helps rebuild links between damaged keratin fibres, whilst Biotin will increase nail strength. This breathable formula allows oxygen and hydration to pass through the Protein Formula and condition the nails.

This formula is ideal for clients that have nails that are thin and peel on the free edge and do not grow. Or if they have oily skin or oily hair then their nail type will generally be the same, these nails need targeted support to give strength. 


  • Protein maintains cell renewal
  • AHA's promote cell turnover
  • Hexanal increases flexibility
  • PHA's reduce appearance of damage
  • Glycerine moisturises and brightens
  • Panthenol hydrates the nail plate
  • Vegan and cruelty free