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Parlux Alyon Night Blue Dryer and Diffuser Gift Set

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  • Perfect gift set for someone that loves a professional, dryer and diffuser in their hair care routine.
  • Gift set contains 1 x Parlux Alyon Night Blue Dryer, 1 x Magic Sense Diffuser and 2 x concentrator styling nozzles.
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    Parlux Alyon Night Blue Dryer

  • Features air ionizer technology, 2250 watts of power, a built-in silencer and a revolutionary K-Advance Plus motor
  • Also uses a New 'No Hair System' which enables the user to keep the hairdryer clean with a simple daily action.
  • Ultra-light weight, quiet and durable
  • Dries hair faster and leaves it in better condition
  • Parlux Magic Sense Diffuser

  • The Parlux Magic Sense® Diffuser is a specially made diffuser that will vastly improve how you dry curls, giving them a a natural finish and fast.
  • The perfect sized diffuser, it also has placed openings that allow the ideal combination of temperature and airflow.
  • Dry hair faster at home or in the salon, the diffuser dries the roots without over drying the ends.
  • This diffuser also reduces frizz with 15 special massaging prongs that allow for a stimulating sensation on the scalp..
  • The Magic Sense Diffuser also uses an external cover with an anti-heating system which makes it more comfortable to use.