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PJS 5 in 1 Facial Unit 815

Product Code: 93723

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  • Includes Galvanic, Vacuum, Ultra Sound, Spray and High Frequency.
  • High Frequency is brilliant for increasing blood circulation, also for stimulating glandular activity, and to remove bacteria and ease the penetration of the cosmetic products that are being used.
  • During the course of the treatment, when changing electrodes you should return the output to the minimum level before swapping the electrodes, and then slowly adjust the energy level and return into the appropriate intensity required.
  • The facial ultrasound machine comes with facial and orbicular probes.
  • It gives out three kinds of waves, which are continuous, pulsed, and combined. They can be chosen depending on the type of treatment you are doing.
  • The galvanic instrument with direct current and constant intensity is used to ease the penetration of cosmetic products and to make deep facial cleansing product treatments.
  • Making sure the customer holds the metal pole and the therapist holds the handle of the roller. The polarity of the probes can be changed to positive or negative charges.
  • The Vacuum and spray instrument is used to is amazing for stimulating microcirculation, improve skin metabolism and helps ease residue removal.
  • There are three types of small glass vacuum. The suction effect is used by covering or uncovering the lateral hole of the handle with your finger.

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