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PJS Galvanic with Twin Roller Facial Steamer

Product code: 92982

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  • This Galvanic machine is supplied with direct current and constant intensity. It is used to the ease penetration of cosmetic products and to make deep facial cleansing treatments. When doing the treatment you have to apply special cerium's on the to the skin, by doing this the galvanic will push it into the deepest layers of the skin, applying an iconic peel on to the surface of the skin, which allow a deeper exfoliation and get rid of any dead skin cells. After applying the peel you then apply the appropriate cerium for your clients skin condition. Then you begin the facial with one of the applicator wands, making sure the machine is turned on first, and then carry on with the treatment around your clients face.
  • Specs

  • Eases the penetration of cosmetic products and makes deep facial cleansing product treatments.
  • Before starting, the treatment area must be washed and dried before any products can penetrate into the tissue.
  • The customer holds the metal pole and the therapist holds the handle of the roller.
  • The polarity of the probes can be changed by adjusting the “LEAD” button between (+R) or (-G) which means if the machine is on a positive its penetrates the product in, and if on a negative it can help cleanse the pores

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