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Pulp Riot High Speed Toner Icy - 90ml

Product Code: 25091 / Bin: J11-4E

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Faster than other toners, the Pulp Riot Icy Toner takes five minutes to leave a blue/violet pigmentation deep into the hair whilst nourishing it - leaving your clients’ hair soft and healthy looking. It also provides a barrier to protection from external damage.

Essential to any post-bleach service, the Icy toner gives a matte finish which beautifully shows off your professional lifting and toning skills.

  • Tones in 5 minutes or up to 20 minutes
  • Up to 9 uses per tube
  • Super blendable
  • Vegan* and cruelty free formula

The Pulp Riot Icy Toner is one of the most popular products in the Pulp Riot catalogue.

*no animal derived ingredients on product description

Technical Guide and Shade Chart

Formula on Model Shot

Look by @hairby.cerys using a mix of Icy, Natural and Violet Toners

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Mix Pulp Riot High Speed Toner Icy with developer (usually 6 vol or 10 volume on courser hair) 1 parts to 2.
Apply to damp or dry hair.
Leave on between 5 up to 20 minutes for desired level of pigmentation.

Pro Tip: To slow down the process or to give a more pastelised results change the toner to developer ratio to 1:3 or even 1:4. You can even do 1:2 at the roots, 1:3 for the mids and 1:4 at the ends for a beautiful fade effect.