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The Patch Test Kit (pack of 10)

Product Code: 100 / Bin: J08-2J

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10 per user max.

10 pack only £37.50 (nets to £3.75 per kit)

  • The Patch Test Kit enables convenient allergy alert testing to be carried out in-salon and at home.. 
  • Designed for hairdressers and beauticians, The Patch Test Kit can be used to test the actual formula that will be used at the appointment for reactions to all ingredients in the dye, either in-salon or posted to your clients.
  • It’s convenient for you and frees up your time for other services and it's convenient for clients as they can patch test at home. No need for extra in-salon visits!
  • Earn extra revenue and make testing part of the service. Re-sell the kit to your clients (RRP for re-sale £9.99 per kit).
  • You, the hairdresser, can add your specific dye from the salon that you will be using on your customer during their appointment into the provided vial.
  • The Patch Test Kit contains the exact product to be used so that the client can directly apply to their skin as directed and test for any reactions to chemicals in the dye.
  • Recognised by leading insurers as a valid aid for allergy alert testing.
  • Contains: 2 x syringes & end caps, 1 x mixing tube, 1 x applicator, 1 x plaster, 1 x postal box, seals and full instructions.
  • How to Use if Posting to Clients' Homes

  • Step 1: Prepare the Kit - Fill and seal each syringe with 1ml dye in one and 1ml developer in the other. (Check colour manufacturer's patch test instructions.)
  • Step 2: Post the Kit - Send the kit to your client using a large letter stamp. Let them know it is on the way!
  • Step 3: Test at Home - Your client does the test at home at least 48 hours before their appointment.
  • Step 4: Keep Evidence - Your client brings their signed declaration and photo evidence to their appointment.