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Uberliss Bond Treatment Trial Kit

Product Code: 19386 / Bin: J07-2A

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The Uberliss Bond Treatment Trial Kit is a four-part system of professional and high quality products created to protect hair from damage and the perfect taster of this brand. This four-part system works synergistically to repair and protect your client's hair during lightening, colouring, hate styling, or stand-alone treatments.

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Uberliss' Patented Bond Technology contains Glycidoxy. A reactive silicone that seeks out damaged disulphide bonds and repairs them. All four products include this Glycidoxy formula, ensuring maximum repair and protection through every step of your service.

A must have for Blonde or Balayage Clients.

No Sulfates, No MEA, No Peroxides, Gluten Free, No Parabens, No Phthalates, No PPD, Cruelty Free, No Ammonia.

Uberliss products are vegan and PETA approved.


  • Uberliss Bond Regenerator 109ml
  • Uberliss Bond Shampoo 109ml
  • Uberliss Bond Amplifier 109ml
  • Bond Sustainer 109ml

Benefits of the submicron technology (Bond Shampoo/Amplifier) include:

  • Produce higher elasticity
  • Reduced breakage
  • Increased moisture to the scalp and hair
  • Balance of the pH of the hair and scalp
  • Lower hair porosity
  • Decrease shedding of cuticle layers

If Being Used for a Colour or Technical Service

Step 1: Uberliss Bond Regenerator 525ml

Step 2: Uberliss Bond Shampoo 525ml

Step 3: Uberliss Bond Amplifier 525ml

Aftercare: Uberliss Bond Sustainer 89ml

If Being Used as a Stand Alone Treatment 

Step 1: Uberliss Bond Shampoo 525ml

Step 2: Uberliss Bond Regenerator 525ml + water half and half (1:1) mix 

Step 3: Uberliss Bond Amplifier 525ml if required for example for thicker or coarser hair

Aftercare: Uberliss Bond Sustainer 89ml

  • Sub-micron patented technology
  • The active molecule Glycidoxy Dimethicone reacts with the side chains of the hair polypeptides (unlike other bonding systems) during hair lightening and permanent colouring, making crosslinks
  • The Uberliss Bond Shampoo and Uberliss Bond Amplifier contain organic acids and their salts to bring the pH of the hair and scalp back to normal
  • Uberliss Bond Sytem balances the pH of the hair and scalp
  • Uberliss Bond System contains moisturizing ingredients to balance the lost moisture contents of the hair during bleaching and permanent colouring
  • Uberliss Bond System maintains the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) of the scalp
  • Uberliss Bond System replenishes the moisture of the scalp
  • Uberliss Bond Shampoo and Uberliss Bond Amplifier contain nano-lipids that are able to strengthen hair additionally, after bleaching and permanent colouring treatments and as maintenance products
  • Uberliss System is a nano-emulsion of active molecule Glycidoxy Dimenthicone ('benchmark' brand is an acid base and water-soluble material)

To see the Science behind Uberliss Bond System vs 'Benchmark Brands'

Korelll Williams - Amazon Salon

1. How does Uberliss Bond System differ from other bonding products you've used?

It differs by how it restores the PH balance of the hair and scalp. The hair structure is in a better condition than before.

2. What services do you use the bonding system with most frequently?

All Colour services, Affirm Relaxers and stand-alone treatments. 

3. What are the benefits of the Uberliss Bond System for your client's hair?

It's allowed me to colour my textured hair clients with chemically treated hair to next level without causing any damage.

4. How does the Uberliss Bond System help enhance services/revenue in the salon?

Having the bonding system has increased services I can offer and resulted in an effective up sale in terms of salon revenue. 

What do you love about the Uberliss Bond System?

I love that my clients' hair integrity is intact during and after chemical treatment services. 

Video Testimonal - Yana (Hair Sanctuary)