Clynol Viton Go Blonde

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Unfortunately all Clynol products have been discontinued and we only have a limited quantity remaining but Clynol users can look to the Indola Brand for suitable alternatives...

Please see the complete Clynol to Indola Alternatives list INCLUDING shades for Viton S to PCC here...



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  • New Viton Go Blonde is perfected with our oil-enriched developer and 3-dimensional colour pigments helping you to achieve the amazing reliable results you love.
  • 6 Highlifting top seller shades: new Ultra Light Ash Violet Blonde (12.19).
  • 4 Tone Shots: new formula for WHEAT and CRYSTAL.
  • Best possible retention & lifting performance.
  • New level of blonde clarity.
  • Smooth colour result thanks to caring oil.
  • Unlimited creative possibilities by combining Highlifting shades with Tone Shots.
  • New design to fit the complete Viton S range.
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